Assassin's Creed High vs. Low Details

What is the main difference between console games and their PC Pendants? The console versions are designed to run on a specific set of Hardware. The PC version has to work with different components like Chipsets, CPUs or graphic cards. Therefore PC-Versions allow to adjust the graphic settings.

The Windows Vista Magazine (Germany) took Assassin´s Creed and created some animated Gif-Screenshots which show the difference between the lowest and highest settings of the game. Just click twice on a Screenshots to get the full resolution (2.560 x 1.600).
This news links to the second part of the Screenshots gallery. The first part can be found here:

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brothersimon4239d ago

Low = Ps3
High = 360

thats basically it.

akaFullMetal4239d ago

why is it that you have to bring this stupid fanboy crap, no ps3 fans here are starting anything, why does it always seem like some stupid 360 fanboy has to start a fight

eddierivera4239d ago

I wish you would just stfu already. The ps3 pwns the 360 like a pimp smacks a ho.

redwingsrock4239d ago

talk about a difference for every aspect visually like just wow i would not wanna play this on the low settings it looks so dull

masterg4239d ago

Here we see the reason I will never return to PC gaming.

f4nb0i4239d ago

Here is the reason I will always use PC's for gaming - check out the high detail on that resolution. OH YEAH BABY.

PS Masterg your financial situation does not concern me. Go troll in the PS3 tab

SUP3R4239d ago

Good Lord!
The low quality looks like dog vommit.
I seriously wouldn't buy this game if I couldn't reach the high setting.

cruckel4239d ago

And what is sad is with PC's today the way they are, they have to make such a huge difference from High to Low to get computers to run them.

Will some breakthrough happen where cheap HighEnd gaming can happen, or will the pc slowly die away from upgrades every year just to keep up.

Reminded me of the difference of Crysis on Low and High. It is 2 different games.

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