Top 10: Fanboy Nightmares

Fanboys get riled over the littlest of things. It only takes one dodgy texture that looks fine on another console's version and all hell breaks loose across internet forums. So what would happen if massive fanboy enticing events shook the gaming world? pretended they only owned one console to come up with the Top 10: Fanboy Nightmares. Read on for the events that would bring forums to a standstill.

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sonarus4245d ago

lol gta4 dlc is incredible. What a lack of faith in the content for it to make that list

HighDefinition4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

MSFT backing out of console gaming after 360, cause they aren`t gaining any considerable ground on SONY or NINTENDO.

JadeTyrant4245d ago

i would not be surprised if M$ just dumped gaming altogether and then all they have to say is "sorry"... people would go maniacal

sonarus4245d ago

well i don't think they will at least not till after Xbox 720

PS360WII4245d ago

There are some funny ones in there.

jams_shop4245d ago

I find the # 1 "Fanboy Nightmare" very offensive... lol

Truplaya4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

No.10 should be No.1, it would affect both PS3 and 360 owners; and i would cry

Or how about

"Next MGS game only to be released on PC", or replace MGS with GoW3, Halo4 or PES2009.

The Closing4245d ago

There most likely won't be another mgs so no worries there. Maybe next Kojima production is only on wii would drive people out of their minds, and is possible since he stated his interest in the console.

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The story is too old to be commented.