Two Million Developers Registered Using The Unity Engine For Current & Next Gen Projects

Unity Technologies announced that after reaching 1 million registered developers just over a year ago, the community has now surpassed 2 million, cementing Unity as one of the largest and most active developer communities in the world.

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Viper72016d ago

No wonder, it's a fairly compelling and powerful package even without the pro features. Not to mention it's fairly beginner friendly while still fairly flexible for professional developers.

Sure it isn't answer to everything, but then again what is?

2016d ago
maniac762016d ago

Unity is for weakr consoles lmao,no. All that and about 50 devs will or will not put shite out worth ur time lol. Unity was used on all wii shovelware lmfao

Alexious2016d ago

What are you smoking, dude? Unity can be decently powerful in the right hands (and hardware). Also, quite a few important games are being made for it.