Shuhei Yoshida: You Can’t Turn off the Light Bar on the DualShock 4, But Developers Can

The light bar on the DualShock 4 has been an area of interest since the unveiling of the PS4 ‘s controller, and even more so since when we learned that the camera won’t be bundled with the console.

According to Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida users cannot turn off the light bar, but developers can if they so wish.

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coolasj1981d ago

I just want to change the color of the light bar. Deep red, maroon, has always been a personal favorite for lighting choice.

Abriael1981d ago

If devs can turn off the light, they probably can change it too, which means that they can give you the option to change it yourself. From what I hear, I can pretty much speculate that lightbar control can probably only be handled via game interface.

I might be wrong though.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31980d ago

So I should be able to hit whatever dev up and ask them to turn my light off for me.

JackVagina1981d ago

developers can make it so say you're full hp it'll be green, and if you're almost dead it'll turn red

Abriael1981d ago

That's pretty nice. It'd also be nice if it change color depending on spells selected for instance.

JLT-Sandwitch1981d ago

Now that is an awesome idea

GrumpyOla1981d ago

But would you be able to see the light colour without turning the controller upwards evrytime it changes?

MasterCornholio1981d ago

Here is an idea for any RPG.

Depending on the level of the enemies of the area that your in the dualshocks 4 light can be used as an indicator where green would mean that the enemies are easy and red would mean that the area is extremely difficult.

But to me the best new feature isnt the light bar its the track pad because it can be mapped as an additional input for games and theres rumors that the pad has a left and right click to it. I loved the video where they were demonstrating the controls of the OWL (Killzone Shadow Fall) with the track pad.

JunioRS1011981d ago

That's cool and all, but is it going to be annoying to want to look away from the screen to check your controller health meter? I don't know

Drainage1980d ago

yea but the light is in the back of my controller so its a stupid feature.

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Bathyj1981d ago

I don't know why Ps3 or ps4 don't have apps like the android store so little things like that could be enabled by 3rd party software.

Hicken1981d ago

Because that would require it being too open.

Shadowsteal1981d ago

Guys they stated before the light would be strong enough to fill the room with light obviously not while you have the brightest lights in the world. But a scenario was that the light would change orange if you're in a desert level or blue if underwater. The color would light up your room so you feel more immersed in the game.

TheGrimReaper00111980d ago

Well, each player will have a different color
P1: blue
P2: red
P3: green
P4: pink (dont know if its this order, but def these colors)
just with ps3, i gues you can be player 1-4 and still be specified in game as player 1, so you can be player 2 with red bar and still control the game as a player 1. But then again, if the developers use the bar for health and stuff, it wont really matter

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Mounce1981d ago

I gave everyone Agrees because someone was giving random disagrees.

Agree-love for all.

and Jack, that's an awesome idea - Though not many will be really looking at the back-end of the controller unless it's bright enough where the brightness illuminates even in regular controller-holding position of on or above your lap or etc.

Smashbro291981d ago

But you're basically undermining the whole system if you don't actually agree with what they said.

Mounce1980d ago

Explain to me what this 'system' is?

I read it and agree with them - and I also see they're being disagreed with. Most people disagree with things even if it's grounded or agreeable, people just disagree for the fun of it or because they go into a denial where something is agreeable but they just don't want to accept it.

I'd rather not let good opinion be drowned by the ignorant even if they're a flock of sheep that can amass a big group of Downers and Disagreeers.

JLT-Sandwitch1981d ago

They could easily work it into a software update some where down the track

Abriael1981d ago

Probably they can, but I wonder if they want to. It doesn't seem to me something that would require much additional work to implement, so if they chose to launch without the option of letting players control it they possibly have reasons to avoid it. Probably they don't want to take the control away from devs, in the case it's necessary for some gameplay features.

isarai1981d ago

Not that big of an issue, it's just an LED bulb, you wouldn't even notice a difference in battery life if you could turn it off. Will like to see what devs use it for, sony already said it can be used for such things as a health indicator, or imitating muzzle flashes and such so it's an extra little thing devs can play with

awesomeperson1981d ago

I don't think peoples issues are with the battery so much as reflections from televisions in some conditions.

I do hope Sony give the option for devs to turn it off if it is not an integral part of their game.

isarai1981d ago

hmm, good point. Wonder if it is bright enough to cause a distracting reflection off my TV

Soldierone1981d ago

It's not bright enough to do that. Unless you are sitting literally right in front of the TV, its not too bright. You can hardly see it glowing off your hands at E3

Sure you can get a glimpse of it from the top of the controller, but its not distracting at all.

To me this is just like the whole "trophy sounds ruin cutscenes" thing. People are just being nitpicky and want control over something stupid.

awesomeperson1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I personally don't think I'll have a problem with it, so it's not a huge issue for me.

But for people who play in dark rooms with plasma TVs, I can certainly imagine it would cause a bit of reflection.


There are pictures of it reflecting on TVs at E3, I saw a few of them posted on Neogaf. If it can reflect in a well lit environment, I can definitely imagine it would reflect in a dark room.

But once again, I personally don't think it's a huge problem, but options never hurt. If this is the worst design decision made by Sony, they're doing very well.

rustyspoon801981d ago

When playing Dead Space Extraction with PS Move, I could see the ball reflected on my Plasma screen.
I sit about 2 meters away from the screen.
It wasn't that much of a distraction as I was more focused on the game.
And I think the move ball is larger than this light. But it does reflect.
A piece of electrical tape will soon sort that out.

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