Too sold out to quit! Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

From an exchange of dirty words online to an all out musical number, game consoles divide people. It’s war, right? Lines are drawn, allegiances are pledged. The tale of the Xbox One versus the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 versus the Xbox One (depending on who you ask) is no different, but the oddity of this great debate is where gamers are buying their new consoles from.

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overlordror1928d ago

I think the point here is that interest is high for both consoles and people are pre-ordering where it fits them best. We'll see how well stock holds up once both are released.

Gamercore1928d ago

What Overlordror said ^

Just like the previous gen, I think both consoles are great and should do well for themselves. Nobody wants a 1 horse race and competition is good for everyone.

I've already pre-ordered the PS4 for myself, but will be getting a Xbox One as our "family" console this holiday season.

creatchee1928d ago

It's nice to see that preliminary interest is strong for both consoles. This means more potential support from developers and better experiences for gamers.

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