Sony coy on Euro DualShock 3

Sony has told Eurogamer that it still has no word on when DualShock 3 will be released in Europe.

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WilburSmithJr4243d ago

No suprise there. We always get stuff much later than Japan n America. I can sorta understand games getting delayed in Europe because of all the different languages n laws etc, but their taking the p1ss now, its a controller for god's sake.

ikiru33854243d ago

you can always import from

Blackcanary4243d ago

What is there to change in a Controller for them to sale it in Europe what is the problem with picking the right price for the DS3. What could be the problem wait let me guess they didn't make the right amount to bring it out in the USA and Europe at the same time.
O maybe its because there a problem with bring them over i know News just in Snakes and rats have broke into the sony wear House and have made holes in all the boxes that were ment to send the DS3 in so they could be sold in Europe at the same time as the US.
Come on sony what you playing at. lol
I'll just buy one from Ebay lol.