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Gaming Trend: "Let me begin with why I chose to head for Knack at the Sony booth – frankly, its puzzle elements in what amounts to almost a 3D platformer looked to be a slice of different. What I mean is, you play a construct who is composed of floating bits of material, similar but to far more detailed than a character like Rayman. I was looking forward to playing it, and being amazed by its graphics and gameplay. Well, I guess I got some of what I was looking for."

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LeonhartX1928d ago

Correct me if i am wrong but platformers are meant to be basic "3 button" games that's what made crash,mario,jak fun and that's why i am buying knack, not all games have to be complicated.

husomc1928d ago

platformers need to evolve too.

1928d ago
caseh1928d ago

As far as launch titles go this game looks about as appealing as p*ssing into the head height.

Just my opinion of course. :)

andibandit1928d ago

I'm not interested either, but i guess this game is for the younger audience.

remanutd551928d ago

The memories!!!!!!!!! Knack will be my first ps4 game, getting 2 copies on launch date.

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The story is too old to be commented.