The Race: TitanFall vs Destiny vs COD: Ghosts vs Battlefield 4

onPause writes:

We are at the very peak of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 generation which is coming to an end in November of this year as Microsoft and Sony are readying their new boxes for a November launch which not only marks the beginning of the new ‘console war’ but also the race to the FPS throne.

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brandonw002025d ago

Titanfall has my attention right now. I can't wait to play it.

ArchangelMike2024d ago

BF4 > KZ:SF > Destiny > Titan Fall > COD:Ghosts

mcroddi2024d ago

I am not sure if the new Killzone will have the kind of legs to hang but I hope to be wrong!

ATi_Elite2024d ago

I'm Interested in Titanfall and Destiny more than BF4. I have no plans on buying COD:G

I will get BF4 but i expect it to lose steam just like BF3 did even though the DLC paks were pretty good.

Arma 3 full release is my #1 game right now I'm looking forward too.

mochachino2025d ago

Destiny looks a lot different than the more player versus player competitive FPS but my order would be, based on anticipation, the following:

. I have no interest in COD

MWong2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

That's my order also. I will eventually get an XBone and get Titanfall if it's not out on PS4 already. But, my order is BF4/Destiny > Titanfll > COD not too much interest in possible single player campaign.

Good news for BF4 it looks like a lot of people are liking what they see for the next generation.

Insomnia_842025d ago

Battlefield 4 above all!!

mcroddi2024d ago

I tend to agree with this statement.

Andreas-Sword2025d ago

I am waiting for Battlefield 4, Destiny and Killzone: Shadow Fall.
And, if Titanfall comes to the PS4, then I will buy it.

HexxedAvenger2025d ago

Destiny is all I'm looking for. lol Not a fan of CoD or BF but if I have to chose I'll go BF4.

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The story is too old to be commented.