Rockstar Toronto Developing “Large Scale” Next Gen Open World Game

As excited as we are for Grand Theft Auto V and tomorrow’s gameplay trailer, we can’t help but feel a little sad that the game is only set for current gen consoles. Luckily, Rockstar’s other teams are hard at work on next gen titles. - PSLS

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allformats1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Sounds like Agent. Or maybe Red Dead Redemption.

doctorstrange1980d ago

San Diego are doing Red Dead, North are/were doing Agent. This is the Max Payne team + new devs, so I'm hoping a new IP.

knifefight1980d ago

Same here. I'd much rather have a new IP than more Max Painful.

Mr_Nuts1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )


Max Painful?

You mean Die Hard the video game

Sorry but Max Payne 3 was a horrible Max Payne game, I suppose in terms of performance, tec and graphics it was very impressive but in terms of it being a MP game it sucked. It's supposed to be a noire story but it ended up being a typical third person action shooter with a typical story...and MP is all about story.

I hope they do an alternative story for MP4 going off the Dead on Arrival ending of MP2. What would of happened if Mona stayed alive. Maybe she would of stayed with him a little bit before leaving (she is a hired gun...different lives) and he might of stayed on the police force meaning we would still be in New York.

doctorstrange1980d ago


I think you'll find it was Man on Fire the game.

omi25p1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Mr Nuts

Max Panye 3 was a brilliant game.

The story was great, the gameplay was great.


Whats not Noire about Butchering people for the organs. Kidnapping and killing innocent people.

Spending the majority of the game trying to save a girl only for her to be shot in the face.

Your best friend setting you up the whole time. Being completely clueless that you are nothing but a useless drunk being used.

Finishing the Game with the main character realizing they are nothing but a hired grunt.

Failed to protect his wife, Failed to protect Mona, Failed to protect his partner, Failed to protect Fabiana from the police officer and is now simply someone who is paid to kill people.

Max Payne knows he is a failure and he gets work because of it.

How is this not a "Noire" Story?

Mr_Nuts1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )


I'm not saying it wasn't a "briliant" game it just wasn't a Max Payne game

The story is the biggest problem with it, it was so typical you knew what was going to happen next. It was guessable

It wasn't a noire story, do you even know what noire is

" a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish crime dramas, particularly those that emphasize cynical attitudes and sexual motivations"

Trust me, I've done Media, Film and TV studies for 7 years if theres one thing I know and I don't claim to know much in my life but I know this... it's what a genre needs to have and Max Payne didn't have anything which made the first and second MP game so great. The only thing is had was the cynical attitude that Max retained but even then his one liners were not as good in this game.

So yeah I know for a fact those things you've listed don't qualify something as a noire story. It's just plot points you've listed nothing more, nothing less. It's an over the top action/thriller game.

*** Failed to protect his wife, Failed to protect Mona, Failed to protect his partner, Failed to protect Fabiana from the police officer and is now simply someone who is paid to kill people. ****

That's character development, not something that reflects on the genre a whole lot

The only parts that feel like the game being Max Payne are the flashback levels

psyxon1979d ago

@mr_nuts you're failing so hard lol. you just proved yourself wrong. max's entire pov through mp3 was cynical. stop qq'ing and trying to rationalize your own dislike for the game.

willie321979d ago

I would like to see a new Manhunt!

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ftwrthtx1980d ago

If it is a hit on current gen, a port to next gen has to be a possible scenario.

GameCents1980d ago

Looks like open worlds are the order of next gen. This is pleasing.

JunioRS1011980d ago

Yeah, and I'm really glad to see an open world game (watch dogs) launching with the next gen consoles to hold us over until more release.


it is going to be nuts the amount of next gen open world games releasing.

what we need is open world and a lot more interaction and destructible environments

CaptainYesterday1980d ago

Bully 2 : College Years? Huge open world go to bars, crash parties, join a fraternity, and eventually go to class. I can dream can't I? Whatever they are working on hope it's good.

JonnyBigBoss1980d ago

Give me Agent or give me death!

...or just a high quality open world experience. ;)

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