The Love Affair Is Over, One Piece: Romance Dawn Isn’t Coming To North America

Namco Bandai Games told the Siliconera website at Anime Expo that it has no plans to release the One Piece Romance Dawn: Bōken no Yoake role-playing game in North America.

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exfatal1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

take that us :(

Kinda figured we wouldn't get it.. One piece always been hit and miss

WildArmed1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

I'm glad we are getting Pirate Warriors 1/2.

So I'll take what we can get, and put my hand over my heart for the ones we can't.

Transporter471980d ago

One Piece Hit and Miss???? it's one of my favorite animes, i like it better then Naruto and Bleach

exfatal1980d ago

I meant as game that get localized not the quality of the anime lol

DragonKnight1980d ago

This is exactly the reason why region locking is wrong. Namco Bandai make a dumbass move to not get more money, Nintendo region lock absolutely everything with their name on it, gamers lose out.

krontaar1980d ago

Looked like crap anyway. Hardly any one piece fans in murrica, too.

UNGR1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Hardly any One Piece fans? Are you serious? The ratings that show drags in makes American television look like child's play, it has fans all over the world. One Piece aside, anime in itself has MILLIONS of fans in the US, and Canada. Millions more all around the world. Region locking is stupid. Japanese developers have no idea how much they would make with PS3, and 360 releases in the rest of the world. Especially with big names like One Piece. I personally am waiting for a Hunter x Hunter video game, or a Shingeki No Kyojin game. Then again they'll probably have the region locking slapped on without one single thought about the millions of fans around the world that would love to play them. Rant aside don't be stupid, One Piece has fans everywhere, and probably has the largest manga/anime fanbase ever, do not underestimate that series.

EDIT. Probably because it wasn't advertised, I didn't know it was coming out until the day it was out. If people advertised the game properly it would have sold well, and it was advertised horrendously.

Don't market your games, don't expect revenue. Simple as that. Take a look at Alan Wake. Fantastic game, cult classic for sure, and not near enough sales to show it. Granted it sold enough to make it's profit, but you get my point. Advertise wrong, and the sales will suffer.

krontaar1980d ago

Pirate warriors didnt sell very well here, so why would this?

NeXXXuS1980d ago

Sad because your avatar is an Ussop cosplayer.

krontaar1980d ago

I love one piece, but I gotta tell it like it is.

SonyPS41980d ago

I am not a fan yet but I am interested.

animegamingnerd1980d ago

oh come on i rather have this come to the states then pirate warriors 2

BlaqMagiq241980d ago

Mass fan outrage and petition incoming.

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The story is too old to be commented.