Top 5 map remakes we’d love in Battlefront 3

DigiBytes picks apart the classic maps from Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 to deliver a Top 5 list of maps that should appear in DICE's upcoming Battlefront

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Wenis1980d ago

Good list, though I'd change Dune Sea to Mos Eisley, and instead of Rhen Var, i'd have Tantive IV

aconnellan1980d ago

Both excellent choices. It'd be fantastic to actually board the Tantive IV and blow off the door Frostbite style

Wenis1980d ago

Yeah that would be awesome. The Empire could even start off in the star destroyer before boarding it, just like in the movie

snipab8t1980d ago

Tantive IV was the best Bf2 map I think, especially when you turn the bots to like 600 reinforcements.

snipab8t1980d ago

Absolutely loved Renvar Harbour in Battlefront 1. Would add Hoth to the list.