Exclusive Ninja Gaiden 2 Campus Tour Footage

Press Start Games: "So this week I got to experience Ninja Gaiden 2 in all it's glory for the first time! And before anyone else no less! Needless to say my Adrenaline is still pumping from the experience! If you have any doubts that Itagaki can't repeat the magic from the first NG, erase them from your mind. The game is mind bogglingly (is that even a word?) awesome. While playing the only thing I could think of was how I would hate for it to end."

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kevoncox4244d ago

This game will be the best game of 2008 but i wish the graphics were a bit better. Looks too much like Sigma which looked like ok. This looks a step ok;s Ninja Gaiden.

sonarus4244d ago

Nope son. I wish i could say NG2 would even get nominated. Anyways that being said NG2 is a great game however not everyone appreciates it. I can't wait to play it really. The graphics aren't crysis quality or leaps and bounds better like the touched up screens would suggest. But they are nice and combat looks better than ever.

mesh14244d ago


JasonPC360PS3Wii4244d ago

I like how PS3 fans always mention Sigma like it's going to hurt Xbox fans. Hey we won Ninja Gaiden and you got the three year old Xbox port, that happens to be your best looking game. That says alot, and we get to continue this one of a kind series on the Xbox exclusive, while you get to watch our fun on gametrailers. Enjoy Singma guys, it's the best/old game you have :)

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donscrillinger4244d ago

damn this game will be the game of the year no doubt ..i will indeed be an good year for 360 ,wow!!!!!!!!!!!

consolewar4244d ago

it sure looks bloody. The first one was 2 hard for me. I gave up with that one because of that.

Funky Town_TX4244d ago

the graphics are bad. Better textures would be nice.

Method4244d ago

You're judging graphics off of a user uploaded video from gametrailers?

You must be stupid.

Funky Town_TX4244d ago

I'm judging the gfx from all the vids I have look at. No need for name calling. N4G: The place where you can't have an opinion. Okay, I should have said NG2 is the best looking game ever. When I play the xbox version upscaled on a 360 it looks about the same. They should think about getting a new engine.

sonarus4244d ago

i got to agree with funky town. The visual leap between ninja gaiden 1 and 2 is too small. They are probably still using the same engine. Japan devs haven't really been showcasing technology this gen

Kausdt4244d ago

That's facking sick! This game is gonna own everyone and everything.

texism4244d ago

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhh! >faints<

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The story is too old to be commented.