Lack of Nudity in Video Games

From Loot Ninja:

"I have to tell you that there is an utter and constant lack of nudity in video games. Why can't I play a mature rated game and see some gratuitous breasts walk by? The first major game to incorporate any kind of mature content was God of War with the mini game where you had sex and got extra Red orbs. GTA tried to have it incorporated into their games, but was reduced to calling a hooker over to your car and driving to a shaded area where the car just jumped up and down."

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taz80803876d ago

Great picture, what ever happened to the showgirls star hehehe

drunkpandas3876d ago

She fell apart long before Showgirls... Jesse Spanno lost it when she sang "I'm So Excited" while on drugs on Saved by the Bell :)

drunkpandas3876d ago

I think the major reason we won't see any AO games likes is that retailers won't want to carry them. Games like this wouldn't sit on a normal shelf with other games, and many retailers would be reluctant to even keep them behind the counter.

taz80803876d ago

I think this would add to the mystic of the game, typically people want what they cant have. The draw to a lot of people/kids to get GTA was that they werent supposed to have it. It like smoking and drugs, people/kids tend to gravitate to things they arent supposed to get. An AO game would be the same.

drunkpandas3876d ago

Yeah but in a case like that, we're going to see activist groups and certain attorneys who shall not be named go insane and start suing everyone

Jon Cage3875d ago

Almost all the major retailers have a policy against putting AO games on their shelves. There is a market for mature gamers as the average gamer age is 33 years old (least that's what I read 2 years ago when I was 33). The problem is that game publishers will censor their own games if they get the AO rating. They see it as lost revenue so they will tone games down to get a M rating.

This is because we live in a victorian society that would much rather see their children bombarded with images of violence than to have them see one boob.

What is more damaging? A graphic depiction of murder, or the female form as God and nature created it?

thisguywithhair3875d ago

Kind of off topic, but go rent "This Film Is Not Yet Rated." It is about a guy trying to make a documentary about how movies are rated. But he can't because the Film Board wont tell him anything about the criteria that films are judged. Alot of what he finds out can be used in rating video games. Like how people seem to have no problem watching someone get shot in the head point blank range, but cant stand even seeing a woman taking a shower (a non-sexy shower).

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pwnmaster30003876d ago

cmon developers xbots need those nudity in games. imean how r they gonna see girls naked.

fiercescuba3876d ago

@ pwn:

I'm sure all the Sony guys wouldn't pop wood if there was breasteseses in MGS4.

Exhaust3876d ago

There is money to be made it will just take a company like Rockstar to keep using the boundaries.

Digital Distribution and mail order will help. By being able to bypass brick and mortar stores using services like Steam companies can dip their toe into the water without as much overhead.

I believe at some point through DD and mail order mature games will pick up. Its just going to take a progressive company to take the risk and have it pay off with a huge hit then more will follow.

fiercescuba3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

@ Exhaust:

Agreed. Bubbles for you. I think the trend of games being geared to a more mature audience will continue, just like "foul" language has. A few years ago, a curse word was taboo now almost all M games have such dialogue. I think a major point here is not for porn in games, but to make them as real as possible and that will include both explicit languages and images.

ianp6223876d ago

There's a difference between mature games and games that are rated "Mature" by the ESRB. You can't make a game (or any other medium) mature by adding nudity, foul language, and gratuitous violence. In fact, doing so makes it more childish, and therefore more appealing to teenagers.

If we really want people to take games seriously, we need games that have deep characters in situations that we can relate to. Language and nudity has a place in creating an atmosphere (although pretty much the only atmosphere they create is for a gang environment), but to use them where they don't apply should be criticized by gamers and non-gamers alike.

This author just wants nudity for the sake of it, and he tries to hide it by saying that games would benefit from it even if they are devoid of real mature content.

Farsendor13876d ago

once everyone sees video games just aren't for kids anymore thats when we will get ao games.

taz80803876d ago

yeah i agree. video games are no longer geered to kids. except maybe Nintendo. everything else is geared to adults and gamers that grew up on the original NES/Sega. Games have gotten too expensive for regular kids now a days, what kid can buy a console on his own anymore? Video games are for adults, aim the themes for adults as well.

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