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OXM: "EA Sports has removed some modes and features this year (like Heisman Challenge) while others return or debut, but ultimately, the end experience feels about the same. As expected, NCAA Football 14 is an entertaining game of college ball, but rarely much more than that."

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Anton321926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

NCAA FOOTBALL 14 is by far the BEST College Football game that easports has put out. The Infinity engine is so smooth it actually feels like your on the field. With the added Ultimate Team, you have the ability to play with Legends and Hall Of Fame players such as Barry Sanders, and Bo Jackson to name a few. When running the option, you now get to see which defender to read if you hold down RT, that's awesome for the beginners or those who are new to the game. The Gameplay overall is just totally amazing and cant wait to see what madden has for us. I give the game a 8.5