Is EA using the Battlefield series to test the water for their future business models?

From the article: "The question that this raises in our minds is could this be an experiment that might define the future of gaming? It's clear to see that EA is throwing two completely different business models at us. Is the fact that they're using the same game franchise a coincidence? Or is Battlefield the control in a business experiment?

This is scary stuff, when you consider that your actions could have a direct impact on the business model of future EA games (and no doubt other publishers would follow suit). So, which side do you pick? A full-price game with extras that will, even if they don't unbalance the game, enhance your experience by the pound? Or advertising-funded free games with optional extras that the developer is only expecting 5% of people to pay for?

I don't think I'm being melodramatic when I say that the future of gaming is in your hands. With great power comes great responsibility, which direction will you point EA in?"

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HighDefinition4242d ago

If they want to do this, this game should be $40 US/CDN.

JsonHenry4242d ago

This type of model is well established by Korean and Japanese markets a LONG time ago.

So the real question is when will it take hold?

Bleucrunch4242d ago

I think it is just another way for EA to rob the gamers.....boycott these bastards already. Sheesh

evadw4242d ago

You're probably right - if they were releasing just one game.

But they're releasing two games at entirely different ends of the spectrum within the same franchise. Battlefield = guinea pig.

dale14242d ago

this may become the norm,its a bit sad they want to hold extra content back before the release of a game as well as charging for extra weapons,no will wait for bargain bin or pre owned,no buy some think else feel better already

Tempist4242d ago

It's not the only game that has this crap happening. Spore I hear is set to charge for additional creature parts. What happened to the days of user generated content... so what if they don't make money on it. It's set that they'll make less money because they're squeezing for more.

evadw4242d ago

@Tempist - True, this isn't the only game where the consumer is expected to pay more and more cash.

I think it's important that we, as the target audience, make our decision clear on which of the Battlefield franchises we'll be supporting. (Heroes, for anyone who's wondering :P )

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The story is too old to be commented.