Why region locking is bad for business

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Region locking is quite bad for business. The thing is, it's bad business for reasons that the anti-region locking people aren't arguing. Where they claim it's anti-consumer and restricts choice, they're right, but that's not the real problem here. The real problem is any organisation that needs region locking is an organisation that isn't running a business model set up for the modern games market."

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klecser1931d ago

*Why what I personally like (or don't like) should be the business policy of a corporation


no_more_trolling1931d ago

youd take it up the ass just cuz nintendo said you should

klecser1931d ago

What you interpret as "taking up the ass", I interpret as keeping costs down and living within the options available. I encourage you to join a region-free company, learn a few languages, and begin translating every game they produce into every language you just learned. And then deal with the backlash from other gamers when your translations aren't perfect. You might change your tune.

But hey, its easier to remain ignorant of the production of games, assume that companies could do anything, assume that anything that they don't do is from nefarious intentions, and then decry them when they don't do exactly what you want. That's the typical gamer right there.

SonyPS41931d ago

It isn't needed, there is no denying it. It does no good for business.

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Utalkin2me1931d ago

Having a overpriced console and no games is bad for business.

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TongkatAli1931d ago

Nintendo on becoming region free "you cannot beat us".

bjmartynhak1931d ago

Well, not buying WiiU because of this.

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