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Gamespot recently had the chance to play a number of stages from the upcoming PS3-exclusive shooter in both single-player and four-player cooperative modes. From what Gamespot experienced, Haze blends a pretty unique storyline with some solid, enjoyable gameplay in the campaign. A highlight of Free Radical's works to date has always been engaging and compelling multiplayer, and Haze will support up to 24-player online play--the only problem is that the multiplayer content is still under embargo.

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Harry1904247d ago

about reading this article was actually the comments that came afterwards.

Violater4247d ago

sounds like an utter mess.

"Haze's graphics still look a bit rough, especially the particle effects spraying out under vehicles. The game's environments appear detailed, although some of the indoor environments are a bit on the bland side. Haze's artificial intelligence was generally pretty good and enemies didn't waste time firing lead at you, although teammates occasionally did weird things and didn't always follow our lead. On occasion the physics were also a problem, and caused vehicles to become stuck in precarious situations which were hard to get out of. We also found that the game's collision detection didn't always work, with AI-controlled soldiers standing inside solid objects at times."

marinelife94247d ago

I'd rather they delay it again and get it right than to release it half baked. I have other games to keep me occupied until it comes out.

DRUDOG4247d ago

This article did not give me any warm feelings about this game, especially this close to release. There sure are a lot of little problems for a game that has been delayed this long and numerous times. Makes me wonder what it looked like last Nov/Dec when it was originally slated to drop.

I still have some hope for it, but seeing as I'm still playing the hell out of MLB '08, Hot Shots and a very, very buggy Shivering Isles, not to mention GT5P & GTAIV, I won't hold my breath for anything too good. Come on Free Radical, get your sh!t together!

CaptainHowdy4247d ago

Gotta lotta faith in the developers. However i predict patches after it's released

heyheyhey4247d ago

can't wait for this

there may be a lot of haters, but Haze is looking excellent

and i played Timesplitters 2 (one of the best games ever), and thought "how could free radical fail"

thor4247d ago

It doesn't matter if they made one of the best games ever (I played that game for aaaages, but eventually got 100% on the challenges and story mode, got a few platinums as well XD), that doesn't ensure that all their _future_ games are going to be much good. I'll still wait until release to pass judgement on this game, though.

heyheyhey4247d ago

fair play

but they haven't missed yet

besides i've seen and read enough about Haze to know that it will be excellent

dalibor4247d ago

"will have to wait for the full game, but to be honest with you, it doesnt look that good.
i think there trying to many new things"

When was it such a bad thing to try new things in videogames? If developers didn't try diff. things don't you think that all the games would be... the same. Man some of the comments that are posted on gamespot are ridiculous. People should quit all the bashing & actually be happy we are getting games. Personally, iam prob going to get this game, i've seen footage of haze and it looks like its going to be fun. And if its not so be it, i can always rent it.

TitanUp4247d ago

sounds to me like they need to delay this just another month or maybe 2

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The story is too old to be commented.