PS4 vs. Xbox One: The Third and Final Round – Controllers & Games

This round will focus on the biggest games coming to both consoles, and how we will be playing them.

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KillrateOmega1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

I would hope so; they've made significant improvements to their controller design and they've got some great games in the works, both confirmed and expected.

Holiday season is taking WAY too long to get here :(

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mewhy321927d ago

The xbone really doesn't even have a chance. Micro$oft with their DRM debacle, designing an inferior system, and making the spy camera kinect mandatory then having the gall to charge 100.00 more that the PS4??? Wow, how stupid can you get?

1OddWorld1927d ago

XBOX just keeps taking the hits.

I am buying a PS4 and am excited about it. And my enthusiasm might seem like Fanboyism, but I think I am just a sh!t talker. I think their is a difference. Why cant I be enthusiastic about the console I am purchasing and flaunt its superiority and the competitions short falls? I don't hate XBOX or anything, I just love to stick it to the competition. I understand that my flaunting the facts may hurt feelings but a fact is a fact. Are we in a nanny state where I need to be PC at all times worrying whether some one might get their feelings hurt? No. We are not in a nanny state and so you can suck it XBOX Fatty's.

Riddle me this XBOX180 if I sh!t in one hand and put your power of the cloud gaming in the other which will fill up faster? Neither because I will be to busy playing PS4 to test that sh!t out.

Septic1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

"Are we in a nanny state where I need to be PC at all times worrying whether some one might get their feelings hurt? No. We are not in a nanny state and so you can suck it XBOX Fatty's. " you're just basically admitting to be a full-on fanboy.

A true gamer will enjoy the games regardless of the platform. A true gamer won't pick a side and seek to shoot down others and their enjoyment of games on their platform of choice.

There is such as a thing as being critical, and another being just a fanboy. And I'm sorry but your post is just trolling.

1OddWorld1926d ago

I am not trolling at all just stating that there is a difference between the two. A fanboy hates the XBOX. I don't hate the XBOX I just love to stick it to the loser when I am winning. I am winning because I have chosen the better console in public opinion, and factual information that doesn't need to be measured by the power of the cload. Which is why I get to flaunt the facts and rub them all over the losers face in this case XBOX fans. We all have this tendency, so is every time we do it fanboyism?

Example: At a football game do you root for the apposing team to do better?


Do you down play the other teams players and talk sh!t about how they will never catch your running back Jamal Charles?

I am just saying that their is nothing wrong with a little sh!t talking. I have been doing it since Tecmo Bowl.

JBSleek1927d ago

It comes off at times that people who bash or constantly need to talk down a console that they are almost validating their own reasons for picking one over the other.

Your getting the PS4 cool so am I but I never understood the need to talk down about the competition.

I use OSX but there is no need for me to be pretentious when it comes to Windows users.

1OddWorld1926d ago

Whether you understand it or not is not of my concern. I am just stating that their is a difference and that there is nothing wrong with it its a healthy part of any competition.

People that don't like flaunting are usually the same people that give every kid a trophy even though they didn't win the race.

GunsAndTheBeast1927d ago

wow, you sound exactly like me. i think i mayv found my long lost twin brother.

JBSleek1926d ago

This competition you speak of or what you say to make yourself seem validated is stupid as you are a consumer.

Trash talk between Sony and Microsoft is fine sure but who are you?

Also it would be fine if you were subjective or even impartial but that is not the case.

Also who cares about public opinion people are stupid.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1927d ago

I believe controller is mostly preference, but if we are prejudging then by what all hands on reviews say then the ps4 wins controller aspect.

And well games is completely obvious, Sony will have better games than Microsoft for the 3rd generation in a row.

Sony 14 unannounced exclusives
Microsoft 2-4 depending on if they could timed exclusives

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