Killer Instinct Xbox One: Double Helix posts terrifying breakdown of fan requests

Imagine how much goodwill Microsoft might have reaped, had it kept Rare and Double Helix's Killer Instinct reboot under wraps till E3. The project came to light back in September 2012, when some bright spark over at PlayXBLA pointed out that the manufacturer had renewed the trademark, but it was still a pleasant surprise to see the beast in action.

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jc485732018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

no, Double Helix hardly made any good games. Don't ever touch Silent Hill and Front Mission ok?

-Mika-2018d ago

Am im the only person who likes Silent Hill homecoming. I thought it was a well made silent hill game that stuck to the series roots.

KillrateOmega2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Silent Hill: Homecoming was terrible. I'm honestly of the opinion that Homecoming is the worst Silent Hill game yet, even worse than Downpour.

You spend the entire game chasing some kid (your younger brother, Josh), whilst only getting brief glimpses of him. A kid who the devs clearly WANT you to care about, but ultimately fail in making you do so.

The monster designs are mediocre (though better than Downpour, with better names to boot) and you can pretty much just plow through the entirety of them, bosses included, with just the knife. Seriously, the knife is the most powerful weapon in the entire game, likely the result of their efforts to introduce a combat system into a SILENT HILL GAME. Stun-locks left and right.

I'd rant more and in greater detail, but that would require me to spoil the ridiculous plot and certain elements of the game.

dedicatedtogamers2018d ago

If you liked Homecoming you should try Shattered Memories on the Wii (yes, the Wii). Probably the best Silent Hill game in years, and I've been playing the series since Silent Hill 2.

Phil322018d ago

Says all I need to know about -Mika-.

As if I needed anything else to think lower about it.

georgeenoob2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

"People worried because Double Helix never made a fighting game? Killer Instinct was Rare's first fighting game too."

He makes a good point. As far as I know this is the only announced fighting game for next-gen anyway, who WOULDN'T look forward to it?

Picnic2018d ago

No - it was Silent Hill Downpour that was OK.
I admit that I only played a bit of Homecoming but it seemed so derivative.

JokesOnYou2018d ago

Almost all of the old Rare staff is gone, however Ken Lobb one of the original designers of Killer Instinct is the Creative Director overseeing the game.

Looks like Double Helix is doing just fine, watch this:

-Ken said they had several devs all submitting stuff to make Killer Instinct, Double Helix did the best work and that's why they were chosen.

HammadTheBeast2018d ago

Meanwhile I'm playing Tekken Revolution for free on PS3 with about 7 stages, 15 characters and free updates. The game runs like an arcade game with free tokens that replenish every 15 minutes, I'm actually struggling to get to the paid side to get the 5x XP you get with paid tokens.

Megaton2018d ago

I liked it. Wasn't the best, wasn't the worst.

TXIDarkAvenger2017d ago

I liked it. I would say its decent, not horrible in comparison to previous SH titles.

EVILDEAD3602017d ago

@ Jokes

Well said. Hadn't read much on the game. Sounds like its in good hands regardless of their past. Especially with original team guidance for the overall vision.


maniacmayhem2017d ago


I liked Homecoming too. Konami it seems will never capture the glory of 1 thru 3 as long as they insist on giving this series out to devs who have watched to many Saw movies. But I can honestly say out of all the new Silent Hills, Homecoming was enjoyable.

On Topic:

DH has been going around a lot of places with the KI arcade cabinet and invited the fighting community to play and give their feedback and so far the community has had nothing but good things to say about the game.

I'm no KI fan but this game is looking pretty good.

loulou2017d ago

i haven't bought a fighting game since tekken tag tournament on the ps2... but this will be getting downloaded day 1.

looks good

Cam9772017d ago

I'd play SH:D anyday over HC, despite playing like a slideshow.
HC was abysmal.

Jyndal2017d ago

The last SH game I played was The Room. Wasn't bad, but nothing I'd sit through again.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2018d ago

So you get one character ? whats that about?

Fireseed2018d ago

So you don't what you're talking about? What's that about?

Lvl_up_gamer2018d ago

As far as i know, you get 3


The rest you will have to purchase...which I am fine with since we get the game free and 2-3 characters off the start.

malokevi2017d ago

3 characters, I think.

I'm excited for this game! I'm not a big fighting game junky by any means... the only Xbox360 fighting game I have is Fight Night Round 3... but this game looks like a ball!

Plus... FREE! I can see me and my only friend who plays games like me sinking some serious time into this.

A_Gamer2017d ago

In my opinion, there's something wrong with releasing part of a game then charging people for the rest of it. I admit there is an advantage with having dlc but in this case it's just pathetic. Say you do get 3 characters to start with, is that enough??? Not for me. I am a fan of KI but I will be staying clear of this title. Can't wait to play Titanfall.

malokevi2017d ago

Why avoid a fun game because of principals?

Is it so horrible just to get and enjoy the free content? If you really wanted the game, you can always buy out the rest of the characters... but even that isn't necessary.

They are offering you a free sandwich, and your going to refuse because its not a steak? hmm.

Cmk01212017d ago

its free, pay for the rest one buy one or buy whole package for 60 bucks. options is all

A_Gamer2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

This is my question, why not make a full game everything included, all characters playable, charge $60 on day one? Are they not confident that this title will do well?

Is there going to be a full retail version on the market? or is this just a plan to nickle and dime us the fans?

@ CMK0121, I did not see your comment. Ok so there will be options ok, that's better in my opinion.

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Paytaa2018d ago

I don't understand why Microsoft didn't just have Rare make Killer Instinct. Oh wait I forgot we need a new iteration of KINECT SPORTS! Yeah, no.

Nicholasgliss2017d ago

I think Rare has been "requesting" to make it for a long time too. I hope this game doesn't get screwed up. They'll probably add nails to the coffin by making it Kinect only. Dang! Hope for the best; expect the worst!

Syntax-Error2017d ago

Because RARE doesn't have the same people who made the original game. Just because RARE made it doesn't mean they have the talent to make it what it was. That's like having BUNGIE develop a new Halo when the people that made the first few are no longer there. Rare hasn't made a hit game in over 10 years

Paytaa2017d ago

I believe Rare still has talent it's just they are withheld from doing much to prove it under Microsoft's conditions. You say the people who made the first few Halo's are no longer there? Not many people left Bungie for 343. In fact the majority of the team who worked on Halo is currently working with Destiny. I still believe Rare has potential it's just Microsoft hasn't done anything that allows them to show it.

SilentNegotiator2018d ago

Request #1: Dear Double Helix; please do not be Double Helix.

Request #2: Please don't screw up this classic game.

Cueil2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

have you not been paying attention to fighting fans who have gotten their hands on this game?

SilentNegotiator2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Well, pardon me, if you've got a Youtube video of some people liking it, it must be gold.


MizTv2017d ago

I was looking forward to this game but I think it looks like shit

DonFreezer2017d ago

Shut your fucking mouth.Shut it right now because I;m utterly pissed about your comment.Have you played Downpour?Have you even played the game for 1 hour?People like you made fans of the Silent Hill series abondon it.The games had extremely great premise and if Double Helix fixes some stuff like the generic monster design and the variety of the monsters they would have a great title.Shut your freaking mouth I have finished all the Silent Hill games existed except Shattered Memories and I can rest asure most people who are not blind delusional fanboys that Downpour was nothing like IGN made it look like.

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Mr_Nuts2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I just can't get excited by this...I love Killer Instinct but Double Helix, they are just awful


Silent Hill Homecoming: 71
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra: 42
Front Mission Evolved: 58
Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters: 59
Battleship: 49

I think Silent Hill only got the best score since it was Silent Hill and it got a little bit of a boost because of the brand name. So just let history speak for it's self, don't get your hopes up

It's the same feeling I got when Slant Six were doing Operation Raccoon City

Fireseed2018d ago

Yeah but Slant Six didn't show their game off at almost every game convention since it's reveal to share it with as many players as they could.

thehitman2018d ago

Sounds like a studio stuck with bad movie IPs. Those never turn out great usually.

Bathyj2018d ago

Wow, thats quite damning.

It boggles the mind that MS would give such a revered and requested IP to them.

Mr_Nuts2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I think they were chosen not because they were the best fit like MS has said but because they were cheap like why Slant Six were chosen from Capcom...this boggles my mind because of all the money MS has. If they really gave a crap about gamers and KI fans they would of gotten a great studio to do this.

slimpickens2017d ago

Strange pick but regardless this one looks like it's coming together very well.

maniacmayhem2017d ago

So are we going to bash the game based solely on Metacritic now?

Is this the new thing to do? Or do we actually judge the game when we get it in our hands?

DH may not have a great record according to *cough* metacritic but look what they were handed. And the one game that wasn't a movie tie in was actually pretty good in my opinion and that was Homecoming.

How about we stop going into every and any KI article and bring up metacritic/Double Helix/I Hate KI and focus on what they are actually:

The game looks fantastic and I heard it is even in the Alpha stage.

grimmweisse2017d ago

Nobody is bashing the game...yet. As it's unreleased. People are bashing the developer, even if you take their metacritic record out of the equation, they still have a poor track record with their released titles. Fact!

But, I do hope that make good with KI regardless of their previous track record.

RM-TatoTiburon2017d ago

so why everybody was excited about Killzone 2? Guerilla Games before KZ2 only made two games Shellshock (5/10) and Killzone (7/10) the worst fps last generation by far. But when the first KZ2 trailers came out everybody had a big orgarms.

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Belking2018d ago

Look at all the jealous fanboys trying to downplay KI. MS has a good fighting game launching with xb1. Every preview of this game has been great and the videos of gameplay prove it. At least it is better than PS all stars. That is the one you should of been worried about.

rdgneoz32018d ago

No one is bashing the game or the platform, they're just questioning the devs making it. As Mr_Nuts said, their track record according to metacritic isn't that great at all. You have a classic series going to the devs that made Battleship...

Belking2018d ago

They are co -developing with RARE. And please don't act like you guys didn't see this game demoed already. The game looks and plays great, and it's 60 FPS with awesome particle effects. Did you expect them to bring the same exact game we had ages

AusRogo2018d ago

@Belking I honestly wouldn't mind that, in HD!

Reborn2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I see them downplaying Double Helix, based on past creations. Where does PS-All Stars even come into this?

We reading the same comments?

On-Topic: I hope they can step up, and show what they can do with the coming gen.

Transporter472018d ago

Does Double Helix have someone as talented as Seth Killian? I don't think so.

ps3_pwns2018d ago

killer instinct sucks you should just give up before you lose all your bubbles. if you like killer instinct that's cool keep it a secret to yourself. but make sure you say that its not worth getting an xbox one for. survival of the fittest and smartest wait until you get your bubbles back up before you start trying to take the xbox one side

MarkusMcNugen2018d ago

lol. Yeah. Take advice about the Xbox One from the guy whos name is ps3_pwns. Killer Instinct is not some game changer, but really what launch game ever is? N4G never disappoints with the fanboyism. Both Xbox and Playstation alike.

gamer20132017d ago

What an immature and idiotic comment. Just when I thought that I've read it all here on N4G. This site is definitely overrun by 12 yr olds.

ps3_pwns2017d ago

ps4 is where its at those who fight it will have a sad gaming life in the new gen

for those who embrace the ps4

Welcome to the party pal!

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garos822018d ago ShowReplies(3)
NeoTribe2018d ago

Ps allstars? Considering there nothing alike ill just take that as a failed troll attempt. Nobody was comparing or bashing the game until you did. People just dont trust the developer.

gravv2018d ago

im gonna laughed at you when the game is released and getting flop scores left and right, no sane person is jealous over this ***t but you can be jealous with SONY fans cause they're playing LAST of US right now when you get nothing on 3rd60

slimpickens2017d ago

What the hell language are you speaking? Also I'm sure you're not playing "Last of Us" right now because you're here on N4G nagging like a grandpa!

BlaqMagiq242018d ago

No one is downplaying KI and why are you bringing PS All Stars into this? Damn Xbots.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2018d ago

No one is downplaying KI and why are you bringing PS All Stars into this? Damn Xbots

Cause the xbox fans ( i use that term loosley because someone who suports xbox is probably doing it to wind people up) are the biggest trolls on every site cause they have nothing worth playing atm so all they can do is troll troll troll

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2018d ago

Belking + 12h ago
Look at all the jealous fanboys trying to downplay KI. MS has a good fighting game launching with xb1. Every preview of this game has been great and the videos of gameplay prove it. At least it is better than PS all stars. That is the one you should of been worried about

Facepalm time

Groo2017d ago

I have KI for Super Nintendo, no need to spend $500 on a console and then pay for each character to play this fake version... thank you

Belking2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

lol..Fake version. Yea man you are in denial. You can also purchase the whole game or the F2P version. No one plays Super Nes anymore.KI for xbox-one looks and plays 10 times better. 60FPS and awesome particle effects and only on xbox-one.

grimmweisse2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

@ Belking

First all stop talking nonsense about a game that hasn't been completed, you haven't played it, only SEEN some videos. Reviews are not made by just looking at a video.

Co-developing with Rare you say, you do know most of the members from Rare when acquired by MS left, it's not the same Rare, only by name. Rare's major talents have left.

What you have now is new Rare making shoddy kinect games. Founders Tim and Chris Stamper left the company to pursue "other opportunities". Rare only by name now, not by reputation!

Groo2017d ago

Belking is blind to the truth bro, I personally would buy the arcade machine itself rather that buy a XB1 to play this version... a game like KI is Legend, if the xb1 version looked more like the original and tried to stay true to the roots, I'd be interested. This version looks like its completely different game... The graphics for the original were unique and this doesn't really look like they are trying to rebuild the classic but make a different game and stamp KI on it... I really hope I'm wrong because KI is well respected and is one of the best ever made. It should be developed with the utmost respect with the impact the original has made in mind. Like I said, I hope I'm proven wrong about this...

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4logpc2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Everything I have read and seen doesn't make me worry one bit.

I get it, Double Helix's track record shows nothing too good, but I would bet money that they were limited by time and budgets on all of their titles. Especially the movie based ones.

Microsoft not only gave them time and money, but boosted their dev staff for this project specifically.

Also most people who have played it, have had a positive reaction. Very few have had anything negative to say.

I'm pumped. This game will be great.

Stryfeno22018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Maybe the fighting genre is their niche...I'm a huge fighting game fan and from what I'm seeing KI is looking good. Keep it up.

WeAreLegion2018d ago

Maybe fighting games are just easy to make. Honestly, it's not like the fighting genre has evolved like the other genres. It's still stuck in the 90's.

project_pat362018d ago

no fighting game can ever hope to be what the Tekken franchise is/has become.

Mikefizzled2018d ago

Oh the arrogance!
Street Fighter > Mortal Kombat > Tekken

Stryfeno22018d ago


Really? So you think the fighting genre hasn't evolve...Then I'm sorry to say that its just that you haven't evolve as player. If you think SF, MK and KOF are just the same game as they were in the 90s, then you know nothing about the genre.