First Impressions: Killzone: Shadow Fall May Be the Most Strategic Shooter on PS4 - Push Square

Push Square: "Killzone: Shadow Fall is the release that will make you believe in the benefits of next generation hardware. Guerrilla Games’ first-person launch title shoots down any questions regarding the PlayStation 4’s ability to impress, responding emphatically with elegant dappled lighting and richer textures than a mercenary’s bank balance. But while we could compose a Visari-esque soliloquy based upon the visuals alone, is there any depth beneath the exclusive’s orange eyes?"

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extermin8or1926d ago

Well yeah it'll be the most strategic shooter on PS4... it's day one competition/month 1 competition is COD and BF4-and the way BF3 single player etc went...

dedicatedtogamers1925d ago

Everything I've seen for this game reminds me of the original Halo, and I mean that in a good way. The open maps, the freedom of exploration, the freedom to approach each battle how you want...

I think it'll be a big hit.

GameCents1925d ago

Do not sully the Halo name please.
This is now the second instance I have noted you making the KZ SF/Halo comparison. No. Stop please.

extermin8or1925d ago

Hmm persinally I've never really liked halo much. don't get me wrong I can appreciate why the 1st was so loved and whats good about the first 3/combat evolved but past 3 I've not seen much I hear 4 is decent, but I cba atm.

scott1821925d ago

I never really could get into Halo myself, all my friends loved it though. I actually hope it's not very similar to Halo.

Ju1925d ago

It's still Killzone. I'm not worried. Just because they added color doesn't make it Halo. Complete different universes.

I'm looking forward to this game. My most anticipated shooter with the PS4 release and probably the only one I'll be getting ... until Battlefront releases.

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Maldread1926d ago

Really hope they deliver a great story this time around. The universe has always had such awesome art direction, but the story telling hasn`t matched the rest of the attention to detail in the games so far.

The more open world stuff and the (hopefully) two kinds of firing modes for each weapon, should make it a lot more varried too.

They`ve already got the best melee system too, because the kills look brutally cool and actually takes time to pull of. Giving players a chance to save another if someone tries to knife a friend.

Getting this and BF4 day one on PS4 :)

Then Infamous SS as soon as it`s out ;)

Ju1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Story in a shooter is overrated - most of the time an excuse anyway and I don't quite understand what's the point. Of course, eventually the hero wins. And in-between I want some variety in the shooting action and plenty of weapons and some upgrades. Sure, I love the universe it develops in and how this universe evolves - as a back story, sure. But I don't really care if the "hero" drives the progression. It's a game after all.

But for story I rather go with Quantic Dreams (heavy) or action (ND or Tombraider - shallow, but still) or massive - The Division or Destiny. Shooter because I want to shoot and some eye candy if possible - well, and it needs to feel good. Which puts some weight on how the controls feel.

evenstar1925d ago

Eye candy? Really?
Talk about shallow.

Why exactly do you believe that ND tells shallow stories? Do you have no aspirations higher than running around shooting things and looking at half naked 'eye candy'? I think most shooters are overrated, in general...

Ju1925d ago

No, I like variety. I play story driven games if I am in the mood for heavier food. Or shooters for a quick fix for a couple of minutes. Life isn't black and white and neither should be games and genres. I am not playing shooters for their story - and who ever claims to do so is lying to themselves. Eventually it is all entertainment not politics.

fenome1917d ago


By "eye candy" he meant graphical beauty, not boobies. lol

Bathyj1925d ago

Ive been crying out for secondary fire to return since Killzone 2. Dont understand why they took it out.

Helghast rifle with underslung shotty and the machine pistol with silent round are some of the best weapons ever made.

Maldread1925d ago

Ju, have you tried Bioshock or Half-Life-series? I really do think it`s possible to pull of e great story, even in a FPS. And it definitively adds a lot to the game. Hell, i would say even COD4 pulled of an ok story than worked for that game, before the series went to hell ;)

Bathyj, yeah i agree man. Really miss that from the first Killzone, so the trailers they`ve shown so far with the switch from machinegun to sniper has me excited :)

Bathyj1924d ago

Precisely what I noticed. I really hope those weapons come back

fenome1926d ago

Hopefully a launch title isn't the "The Most" of anything on a system. lol
Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to try it out. It looks fantastic, but as consoles get older the games develop better like a fine wine. At first they're just pushing 'em out there trying to hype up the new stuff, but down the road they really start figuring out how to push the boundaries and squeeze every last ounce outta the system. I'm already impressed with what's happening at the end of this gen. It's gonna get wicked this next decade!

InTheZoneAC1926d ago

no FPS can be the "most strategic"

BTW, once H-Hour releases you'll know the better players from the posers/scrubs

Hicken1925d ago

If it's more strategic than any other shooter on the console, then it's the most strategic.

drsfinest721926d ago

At 30fps next gen is looking so sad...can't even top [email protected]

wishingW3L1925d ago

they developed the entire game on the old dev-kits with 4Gigs of ram but at this point they don't have much time to fully optimize the game to take advantage of the new updated kits.

GameCents1925d ago

Lies: You are telling them.

scott1821925d ago

Real life has over 60 fps, maybe you could try that next gen..... I kid.

That build of the game was a bit old, I imagine with the powerful hardware of the ps4, much more can be possible..

Ju1925d ago

It sure can. And it sure will be a different game.

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