5 Games You Want Coming Out This Week (July 7th – 13th)

Here's five games you're going to want to get your grubby thumbs on this week.

matrixman923999d ago

I dont want any of those...(already have every mgs)...and deus ex the fall is an embarrassment

Ragthorn3999d ago

Why in the world would they ever make a Tablet Deus Ex, INSTEAD put those resources into the next Deus Ex game!

Hydralysk3998d ago

I'm going to choose to believe the person that came up with that tablet idea is the same guy who thought of outsourcing the boss battles in Human Revolution.

ziggurcat3999d ago

if the original metal gear (not metal gear solid) games have trophy support, i'm sold.

matrixman923999d ago

it would have also been cool if they somehow put it on a disc...its pretty lame that you just get a download code


The Best EA Sports Video Games

Chances are, your video game collection probably has at least one EA Sports title in it. From the latest Madden, FIFA, and NHL releases of today to the MVP Baseball and NCAA Football releases of yesteryear, EA Sports has long held the gold standard for sports video games, and continues to dominate the market.

strayanalog2223d ago

Judging from the list, EA's best days are behind them and I'm inclined to agree. And now that I think about it, EA only holds the "gold standard" because there aren't any other developers around their sports monopoly.

As for NHL '94... I loved that game. It seemed every time I headed over to my friend's place we would have to play his copy eventually. Now I kinda wanna play it since I haven't in... well, a long time.

SegaGamer2222d ago

FIFA 13 was the last EA Sports game i enjoyed. Everything has been rubbish since then.

OzzY-waZZy2222d ago

Fight Night was great. Such a shame they stopped making those.

gamerz2222d ago

True, but the fudged up the controls in the last one so they were already on the road to ruin.

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bouzebbal2805d ago

not the most memorable but i really liked final battle in MGS4 between 2 snakes.
Otherwise my most memorable fight is against The End in MGS3. I realized how rich that game was with all the gadgets available to spot him.

shauzy2805d ago

this list is crap, where is the ladder?

sdcard4gb2804d ago

Do pay attention there are no memorable bosses listed from MGSV.
You know why ?
Because they were pathetic :3