Blog: “Software Only” Statement is Nintendo’s Morale Boost

Nintendo Invader discusses why Nintendo will never go third-party - and why "hardcore" gamers' calls for them to do so will drive them to push Wii U further in the future.

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Brucis1955d ago

Dude's got a point. If someone says 'just go software' or 'develop for other systems' that means there's at least something they want/like. Otherwise they wouldn't give two shits about Nintendo, it's consoles, or franchises.

PigPen1955d ago

If you make that point, you're just asking for it. I could see all the disagrees that will no doubt come. But I totally agree with you.

fenome1955d ago


You'll probably get more disagrees than he will just for worrying about disagrees.
Who cares if people click a button on you, just speak your mind honestly. That's what we need on this site, people that can speak their own mind openly and honestly. Not sheep who succumb to the hype and propaganda.
It seems like all I ever read on here anymore is "Troll", "Fanboy", "Flamebait", etc....
It's getting old

I disagreed with you PigPen, but I agreed with Brucis. Do you see where I'm goin with this. I'm not trying to be insulting or anything like that. We just need some more intellectual comments on this site. That's all I'm after.

I will bubble you up if you state something relevant :)

Serg1955d ago

True, but I would argue that, people who want Nintendo to abandon the home console hardware and go handheld and software only, for other consoles, while generally expressing interest, are also saying that the only way this interest would result in sales for Nintendo, is by expanding their franchises to other consoles, that way they won't have to pay for an overpriced device for 3-4 games they would've liked to play.

I am in that camp, I have not played Super Mario Galaxy or Galaxy 2, Super Mario 64 is the last Mario game I played, same with Zelda and Smash Brothers, I played Ocarina of Time on my N64. These are the only 3 Nintendo IPs I would be interested in. And yes, I realize they have more. These 3 franchises, though good, do not warrent a 350€ purchase, just so I can play these 3 games. There is a lot more released in one year on the Playstation platform that I am interested in, than the entirety of Nintendos liberary. Doesn't make sense to me to buy the Wii U, or the Wii for that matter, just so I can play 3-4 games.

That is one reason I, and many many others, want Nintendo to scrap the console and go develop games for Sony, Sega makes games for Nintendo now, used to be their "mortal enemy".

Brucis1955d ago

Not to sound rude, but either wait til the Wii U is cheaper or tough it out. I only got a PS3 a few months back and that was due to price. The only games that really interested me were Demon's Souls, Disgaea 4, Valkyria Chronicles, Ico+SotC Collection, and a couple others. Paying $300-400 was a bit much for me, so I waited. Eventually it went down enough in price for it to be worth it and I got it.

It's unfortunate, but when there's a console that has only a couple games that interest you then you have to buck up and buy it anyways while hoping that maybe there's more there for you to enjoy, wait for a price drop to more appropriately match how much you're willing to spend, or simply knuckle down and deal with not having those games.
Those are the options.

Serg1955d ago

Well as I said in the post above, I haven't played anything Nintendo related since N64. All my friends also jumped ship to Playstation in the 90's, so none of them have a GameCube, nor a Wii, and no Wii U either.

The aformentioned games are something I'd like to play, not something I desperately need to. If Nintento don't want to release their games on Playstation, that's fine, I won't be playing them, simple as that. By the time the console gets cheap enough, I already have a list of games to go through on the consoles I already own. I realize Nintendos games are different from everyone elses, but that's not my point. I don't care about them enough to make me buy a Nintendo console anymore.

fenome1955d ago


Get The Last of Us, you won't regret it

Movieworld1954d ago

I HAVE played Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 and anybody who hasn't and considers themselves a gamer has missed out on 2 of the greatest games ever made. I also bought a Wii U and far from playing 3-4 games I have been busy playing Fifa 13, Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, Assasins Creed 3, Resident Evil Revelations, Zombie U, Sniper V2, Super Mario Bros U, Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing, Super Luigi U and Need For Speed Most Wanted U. Totally worht the £350 I paid for the console and the best thing is I can play my fave games on the Gamepad only in bed while my girlfriend watches the main TV. Hell I can even play in the garden! Its like having a console/handheld in one. Awesome console.

Serg1954d ago

You listed many games, 4 of which are only available on the Wii U, none of them interest me in the slightest, though. The others are all available for platforms Í already own. To each his own, but multiplatform titles, that I can play totday without buying a Wii U, some of them I already played, are no reason to buy the Wii U.

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fenome1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I've always loved Nintendo games, ever since I was a kid, but I just don't want their consoles anymore..
The only games that interest me are some of their first parties, none of their shovelware, and multiplat I can get on the system that I already own..

Except Bayonetta, damn you Platinum for letting that one go!! I want Bayonetta back!!! lol

Still not enough to make me want to get a Wii-U though, it is what it is...

PigPen1955d ago

I don't care about bubbles, you get that. I joke around for laughs at times but I mean what I say. There is few that I can have a intelligent conversation with. I not joking when I say i'm good with a Wii U. A Sony fanboy can say he wish Nintendo would just make software and handhelds and will get 30 something agrees. Not mad, I say I wish Sony goes the way of Sega and just make software i'm trolling. Are must be smoking something. I shouldn't be taken seriously. I know i'm dealing with kids so it's fun now. If I going to go back and fourth I might as well have fun doing it. If I say the PS4 is only sold out on the launch edition on Amazon and it's the only one, is why there isn't a strong enough demand i'm serious. I'm not talking crazy like the fanboys do, it's a fact.

fenome1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Awesome, that's exactly what I was fishing for. Thank you, that's all I wanted. How is the Wii U anyways? Honest question. I haven't tried it yet. That huge controller is killing me though, is it actually comfortable?

I'm not biased about gaming at all, to each their own. Just because we hold different controllers or have access to different games is no reason to be judgmental. The whole fanwars thing is stupid in my opinion. I do realize this site is way lopsided though, so that's unfair.

I don't even know what a damn bubble is by the way. lol

unknownbystander1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago ) haven't tried the Wii U yet you deem it unnecessary. To experience the truth your going to have to try the thing out. Do not base your opinions or experiences from others, please. If you actually give the system a chance there is a 50/50 chance you'll love it or hate it. Anyway I've had mine since day one and I've been enjoying my Wii U. I even pre-ordered a PS4 to accompany my Wii U (see what I did there). I don't discriminate on consoles who trying to be consumer friendly and are focusing on games. You've got to try everything out, or else you'll lose some important things.

Kiddcarter1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I agree that Nintendo should not go third party and place their games on the other systems, but I also think they should step away from the home consoles and focus all of their attention on the 3ds and whatever the next handheld is.

Nintendo knows the handheld market extremely well, and are the reigning champ when it comes to handhelds, IMO they understand that market better than they do the home console market.

The home console market has grown up and Nintendo has refused to grow with it, they made the first Wii non HD because they didn't think HD would be as important to gaming as it has become, they didn't put much thought into their online component because they didn't think online would become as important as it has become. Now they have now tried to correct those mistakes with the Wii U but they are six years to late. While Nintendo is just getting into HD and OK online support the other to companies are looking into 4k and cloud gaming.

So in other words when it comes to home consoles nintendo is constantly playing catch up, while with the handhelds, since they understand handhelds so well and know what it takes to move portable devices, they don't follow anyone, they set the tone. So why not focus on the market they know best, there isn't a single first party home console Nintendo game that wouldn't work on the 3ds, so instead of making another home console after the Wii u, they should move all their games to the 3ds or whatever handheld they have at the time and just make their games that way

fenome1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I'm just not interested in their console and I don't play handhelds. It would be win-win in my opinion. Because I know I'm not the only one, and instead of all the money they spent on a console that is not selling as well as I'm sure they hope it was they could be raking it in with all the other people like me who just want some of their games. Stick to handheld hardware and go third party with their software.
I do give 'em props for sticking to it, but I've got so much stuff already hooked up to my TV right now, I just can't justify getting a WII-U for a couple of games. Money better spent elsewhere and a lot less clutter.
That's just my opinion though, to each their own.
Game on!!

Well said, intelligence is hard to find around here lately.

PigPen1955d ago

I like you, but not that way. I was going about jokingly splasin and you just brought me back down to earth.

Stroke6661955d ago

well actually Nintendo didn't jump into hd straight away, not because they didn't think it would be important but because hd was not yet a household staple much like 4k isn't right now. and same goes for the online thing xbox360 popularized it, at the time of release online was not a staple for console gamers though the wii u did have online capabilities it did not bulster them like ms. however without all that how could you say they were playing catch up, if I sell 100mil, and ur struggling to break 80mil whose catching up to who? every console has its pros and cons, look at ps3 then and now and they had hd and online and were still struggling their first couple of years.

Kiddcarter1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Come on lets be real here, don't act like the Wii didn't sale because of a gimmick, and once that gimmick lost its magic, the Wii sales came to complete stop, and one success does not make you successful, since 94 when Sony released the ps1, PlayStation home consoles and outsold Nintendo home consoles 2 to 1, so they are in fact playing catch up still

PS3 was 600 dollars at launch, with hardly any games and very few features, so even die hard Sony fans couldn't justify buying it at first, causing many gamers to jump from Sony to the cheaper Xbox, and because of their mistake Sony has now had to fight to gain their fan base back, so that's why they are as you say struggling.

Yes Nintendo on the other sold a lot of Wii's at first, but lost a lot respect from gamers in the process, and the sales of Wii's suffered because of that, after the gimmick died wii sales were horrible, Sony and Microsoft however will continue to sale ps3 and 360's even after their new systems drop, meaning they will both pass one day 100 mill and the Wii as well (the tortoise and the heir)

now to your point on online, online had become a staple thanks to Xbox live and halo, Xbox live helped Microsoft gain enough support from fans that the Xbox actually outsold the GameCube (that should've been a Que to Nintendo). Then Microsoft spent a whole year talking up online and Xbox live before Nintendo even dropped the Wii, thats why 360 was so successful at first, xbox went from a system that barely sold 27 mill, to the must have device all because of their promise of improved online gaming.

Now I understand that Nintendo was already in development and couldn't change their online before launch, but even after the system dropped they didn't look to improve their online once it was clear online was important, and the Wii u online isn't so much better than the Wii's

And good for Nintendo on getting a hit with the Wii, but you must be blind if you don't see how getting a hit with the Wii is now hamstringing them with the Wii u, 1st the Wii was based on a gimmick, and that's hurting them now because hardcore gamers view the game pad as another gimmick and don't care about the Wii u because they got tricked last time, 2nd the Wii was marketed to causal gamers, that's hurting them now because the people who bought Wii don't feel the need to upgrade consoles every generation, they picked the wrong crowd to go after, and to top it all off the Wii was so underpowered most third party developed didn't put their best games on the system, causing them to question Nintendo decision making, which is now carrying over the the Wii u and causing this drought that the system is going thru because Nintendo has to supply the games themselves, and Nintendo only puts out what 5 or 6 first party games a yr, so with little to no 3rd party support, that's not a lot of games

so lets not fan boy this up and act like Nintendo has been killing it lately when it comes to home consoles, for 5 yrs they played second fiddle to Sony, then once Xbox came along Nintendo became the 3rd wheel, just because they hot for a 3 yrs run with the wii doesn't mean they are doing everything right, even a broken clock is right twice a day

Kiddcarter1955d ago

To the people who disagreed, why not also comment and express your point of view, that's what the comment section is for you know, comments!. Don't just hit disagree, use your words and help me understand why you feel Nintendo is doing the right thing...hitting disagree with no comment is why so many people on this site get called fanboys and girls, nobody explains why they like a system anymore, they just do and if you don't your wrong, makes me feel like you cant even talk about video games on a video game website anymore

Movieworld1954d ago

How can you dismiss motion contol as a 'gimmick'? Playing tennis by swinging a racket and actually being able to apply spin and curve, boxing and all the wii sports and wii sports resort games are some of the most innovative and enjoyable gaming experiences ever. Also COD with a wiimote and nunchuk is a much more realistic and enjoyable way to play. Once you ply that way you can never go back to the old fashioned way. As for the wii u online features its fine. If I want to play FIFA I go online and I can play people. And there's ranking. Thats all I need. If I want to shoot some Call Of Duty I can. If I want to test my skills on Injustice Gods among us I can too. Perfectly happy with online and its 10 times better than wii online. The wii won the last generation. Yet you are actually stating that they went for the wrong crowd? B*tch please. You talk about little or no third party support? I hbought my wii u on launch day. Since then I have bought Zombi U, Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, Fifa 13, Injustice Gods Among Us, Mass Effect 3, Resident Evil Revelations, Need for Speed Most Wanted U, Sniper v2. With Raymans, Watchdogs and Call Of Duty Ghosts still to come soon.

Stroke6661954d ago

sok where to start,
ps1 and ps2 were competeing with nintendos third and fourth console so Nintendo had a lil more than a decades headstart in the industry, so though sony did well to outsell Nintendo with those consoles they still have decades to catch up.
I was not implying that Nintendo is doing okey dokey pokey right now I was clarifying what the prior commentor had said about nintendos reasons for not adopting certain things.
every console has a gimmick. wii motion move Kinect to gamepad, vita cross play, smart glass, share buttons, talking to ur tv. all gimmicks and yes gimmicks do help to sell.did the love for it fade ? yes you are absolutely right and sales for all the consoles dropped. the gaming industry is not to huge so if you got 100mil units out on the market already then really there is not many more people to seel it to especially when you have two competitors.
as for ps360 moving past wii sales, I seriously doubt that will happen regardless of how long they keep on the market, though if it did happen id think ms has a better shot at it than sony, but we shall see. no fanboy here my friend, i'm just from an era where gaming is about fun and playing a game not watching it and doing diagnostics on the hardware. fun games are fun period no matter who makes them, I just find it aggrevating when people who consider them selves gamers, let aon hardcore gamers, cite the tiniest things because they have something against a particular brand, the very fanboy stuff you were mentioning. you old enough to have played Atari, colecovision, sega master system, the original nes and so on? I mean while they were the only things on the market. this is my era, gaming being fun and challenging, bits eventually became semi important butnot to the scale that people talk about graphics now. to the point that we're calling for a gaming forefather to shut down and go software only? that's craziness. sony pulled their act together with the ps3 Nintendo did it with the 3ds and the same will go for the wii u. sorry so long winded lol

Drasill1955d ago

I would like for them to go third party. Their hardware is nothing special, and I don't care for their gimmicks. I just want their games. Having them go third party would allow them to focus all their resources into games.

Stroke6661955d ago

so like the article says you like their games they have something you want all that's left for them to do is peak your interest a bit more. also every console has a "gimmick", move? Kinect? touchpad on controller? share button? talking to ur tv? or in plain English gimmick? gimmick? and gimmick?

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