Blu-ray disc awareness on rise - survey

A majority of U.S. households now know what a Blu-ray Disc is, while the number of households with a high-definition disc player has crossed the 10 million threshold, a new study shows.

The study, from media research firm Interpret, finds that 60% of U.S. consumers are aware of Blu-ray Disc, "up from zero two years ago, when the format was still in the talking stages," said Jason Kramer, the Santa Monica, Calif.-based firm's chief strategy officer.

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butterfinger3878d ago

this should certainly help PS3 sales, which is good:) The more people on PSN, the better.

The Killer3878d ago

well i say its the far future and will no replace BD for at least 10 years!!

i recall people attacking sony for including BD in ps3, and blaming ken katari(what ever his name, the father of playstation) for making a high price machine, he was right, he knew that blue is the very near future and that the ps3 including it will only help ps3 in the near future in sales!!

MS says that DVD9 is perfect and they dont need something more, then they add HD DVD then they claim that DD is coming in the near future, i say they r not the best company to tell us about which media format we need, only hardware companies can decide about that and the biggest is sony!

we can always trust sony when they make huge bets on something. yes they failed in the past with some formats but also they successful in others, but MS with HD and DD and DVD9 are all failures so far!

Citizen Cook3878d ago

... Now they know what to avoid.


Lucreto3877d ago

In Europe Disney is pushing Blu-ray and they are saying "Out on Blu-ray and DVD"