Gran Turismo 5 Prologue gets Smashed

It may have taken more than a little time for Polyphony to warm to the idea, but Gran Turismo head Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed that the series is finally going to be implementing damage, saying it could be included as a downloadable feature for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue as early as this Autumn.

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Bleucrunch4476d ago

yup I just want to play it now enough stories! Good post p4ky B

sonarus4476d ago

Hopefully they add in more cars and maybe one more track(preferably top gear) along with the update. Oh yea in game messaging and friend invites and all that other jazz.

yesah4476d ago

only thing that kept me from buying GT5P was the fact that there was no dmg.....maybe after this is released ill buy.

AdamBombastic4476d ago

As big a fan as I am of the series, innovation has been kind of stale since the first. I won't support the game again until they implement damage modeling and proper crash/contact physics. At this point in the game, I don't think anything less is really acceptable. Anyone else holding out for this reason?

MicroDeath SoftStar4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

making it a downloadable feature could mean having to pay for it , this DLC BS is starting to get out of hand and where paying for the things that used to be built into games from start. Let hope polyphony dont charge us for this .

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cloud3604476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

arigato Kazunori Yamauchi san

asano asano what you doing next

no i dont know a single bit of japanese. just learned simple words from japanese subbed version of anime .

but i do know ever letter ends in a vowel

wind_dragon4476d ago

私は日本語を知ります。僕は大いに知りませんでも私は日本語は勉 強します。=p
アニメreally isn't the greatest source to learn from.

Anyway...they confirmed this way back during that German conference...I forgot what it was called, but Polyphony had a demo/rep and everything.

Ghoul4476d ago


honestly if they manage to keep the realism for crashes like they archived for the game atm i would never ever need another racing sim.

but please not some scratches and dents i want full destructable chassis like in burnout paradise :D

OC_MurphysLaw4476d ago

Sadly car manufacturers insist on the "safty cage" of all licensed cars to stay intact. Its the only way they let out their licenses to game makers. They dont want their cars being seen as unsafe. So....what you will get is dents, scratches ...and hopefully ala Forza damage to the exterior of the car that is visible and effects the car. I am sure you will also get damage to parts in the car.

Just no burnout crazy crashes and completely destroyed cars.

TheExecutive4476d ago

nevertheless the ladies and gents and PD will make the damage modeling superb.

Alcohog4476d ago

Please tell me how it makes sense for a car manufacturer to allow their vehicle to be represented in a simulator but have it crumble like tin foil? Dlacy13g's vision is more likely.

Lew_Ijgee4476d ago

If the delay of the implementation of damage was truly because of the issue with the car's manufactures, and if they were only planning to add "Forza-like" damage details, then I'm sure the damage would have been added already.

Polyphony is going for the best of the best in racing sims and with I believe they desire to include the most realistic of crashes into the series. I suppose we will know the truth the closer we get to November.

Ghoul4476d ago

everyone has a valid point

one one side the motorindustry who would clearly dislike seeing theyre cars going to smitherens as they like to project an image of a 100% save car.

on the other side we have several games that had complete destruction without making it look like the car isnt save (sure burnout is not what they want with cars folding down to half the size.

but you can add destructions to the chassis and car without making it look deadl, as long as its "relaistic" i dont care if the car goes into pieces or "just" gets torn up relaistic as long as it is more then just some dents and scratches i wanna see curved chassis blown off hoods tires and windows

danarc4476d ago


Cars are designed to crumple to an extent, it eases the throw on the people driving when they crash, if you know what I mean.

rawg4475d ago

Burnout's full destruction modeling is not without compromises... they don't have real cars and even then they are driverless, probably because the violence of the crash on the rag doll driver would put it over the rating they were trying to achieve.

I'm sure GT's damage modeling will be as good as it gets within the limits that are imposed by their licenses and rating.

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JadeTyrant4476d ago

GT5 might feature full damage

gambare4476d ago

Still waiting for Xbots funny complains

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44476d ago

It's getting Less and Less things for xBot Lemmings to sl*g us off about now!!!

neogeo4476d ago

Motorstorm 2 to have no damage:)

Fat Bastard4476d ago

Haha, stupid xbots. They said GRID was going to be better cause of damage, even though this isn't the real GT5. Looks like they have nothing to complain about now, although they may rattle on about no rumble. Oh wait, we have that too now. Suckers