GamesBeat: Even a 10-year-old can easily fly aircraft using a mouse in World of Warplanes (preview)

If you haven’t played a combat flight simulator in a long time, it’s time to climb back into the cockpit. just launched the open beta test for its World of Warplanes online game, and the upcoming release makes the complicated task of flying and shooting much easier than past offerings.

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ATi_Elite2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Flying is one thing Surviving is another!

Also WoWP doesn't feel like a simulator. It DOES NOT have that Microsoft Flight feel to it but NOT casual either.

Sadie21002018d ago

Haha, what ^^ he said. :)

shadowmist132018d ago

World of war..craft/planes,anybody else smelling a lawsuit?

Axe992018d ago

If a 10 year old can comfortably fly a plane with a mouse in World of Warplanes, then it's not a flight combat simulator ;).