Xbox One: Kinect 2.0 Could Revolutionize Gaming

We've had plenty of time to cover some of the more sinister sides of the Xbox One Kinect. But we haven't taken much time to recognize the potential revolutionary transformation of gaming that Kinect 2.0 could bring. And we aren't talking about motion or voice controls either.

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malokevi1954d ago

Love the way this guy thinks. There is nothing he said that I disagree with.

People tend to over-emphasize the negatives, and dismiss anything positive, based on their per-conceived notions of what they think is better.

Personally, like Red Dragon, I have spent some time considering the kinds of things that Kinect might be capable of. Positive things. Not necessarily standard 1-1 body tracking (even though that, too, could be leveraged to positive effect), but all the other hypothetical that we can't even dream of.

Kinect is nothing more than a new toolset. An incredibly diverse one, that MS has guaranteed to developers will be 100% supported by the XboxOne with guaranteed 100% adaptation.

That should be exciting. That IS exciting, no matter how you slice it.

xHeavYx1954d ago

Wasn't the first Kinect supposed to be a revolution? I'll believe it's good when I see a game worth of praise. There is no Kinect game that has revolutionized anything ( Steel Battalion, anyone?)

JokesOnYou1954d ago

Hey I'm all for Kinect implementation to improve or bring new options to core games but lets not get crazy:

"read your pupils to customize game difficulty"

-uhmm, come on, really I never heard its capable of doing that. I think he's confused with the heart rate monitoring and even that is just an idea, not something any dev has said they are putting into a game to change the difficulty on the fly.

-Kinect will do some cool stuff but just like some like to bash it as being useless I think some people are also over-hyping it use or expecting too much.

blitz06231954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I am all in for the customized difficulties based on "human behavior" but there's a problem with a camera "taking notes" and observing the player.

There are things AIs just cannot replace people with, no matter how great the design is. What separates us from computers, animals, etc is our own sense of judgement and rationality. We don't always think and act the same everyday.

For this reason alone, it's almost impossible to create the perfect AI for each person that plays games.

The good part though, is that I think these are optional so you can try it out to see if the customized difficulty fits you well.

1954d ago
dantesparda1954d ago

Yeah, yeah, yeah, heard it all before, I'll believe it when I see it. And Jokes, im with you, that was a very rational view on it. And this Red Dragon is just starting to come of like a obvious MS fanboy.

Urusernamesucks1954d ago

What does that have to do with the kinect of today, Especially since most of its stuff Is proven to work.

rainhell771954d ago

Let me see Kinect or PS Camera? We all know who did better with this and it's Kinect. If you don't like it just don't buy it plain and simple unless your stupid.

xHeavYx1954d ago

"unless your stupid"
Oh, the irony

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nukeitall1954d ago

Kinect One is extremely exciting. With the latest Kinect, it is good enough as another input method more immersive than controllers.

All these possibilities open up, and I'm so happy to be part of this experience the infancy.

This is the future!

1954d ago
dantesparda1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

@ nukeitall

You go girl, and sell that sh!t! cheerlead away!!!

NumOnePS3FanBoy1954d ago

Teh Kinect is a GIMMICK and will ALWAYS be A GIMMICK

malokevi1953d ago


I guess I'll have to take your word for it...? :D

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DJMarty1954d ago

LOL, the title is laughable.


KwietStorm1954d ago

Yea. It's too bad there's an article attached to it...

JokesOnYou1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

lol, wasn't the code name for the wii called the Revolution too?

Fireseed1954d ago

No they have stated that it's capable of scanning pupils.

Belking1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

if it was ps eye then

1080p kinect is the business.

dantesparda1954d ago

They cant build a microscope powerful enough to see how little I give a fvck about the kinect or pseye. But isn't the pseye 1280x800 times 2 lenses? doesn't that give it more resolving power (not to mention stereoscopic view) than Kinect? Im serious asking, how do the 2 honestly compare?

CrossingEden1954d ago

and yet here you are because you have absolutely NOTHING better to do, congrats!!!!

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Dr Pepper1954d ago

Quote from the video mentioning a game like Skyrim:
"What if you could go in one day and it's completely changed?"

That takes a lot of time and money. Does this guy honestly think a dev would constantly update/change the entire game world without charging people for their work? They charged people for the Hearthfire DLC (albeit not a very high price), but now studios will implement massive updates on a whim because of the cloud?

Regarding his thoughts on Kinect changing the difficulty on the fly in response to your pupils: no thanks. Why would I want the game to become a flat line, with no peaks and valleys in terms of difficulty? It can be fun being challenged in a game, and I wouldn't want some sensor reading my body to judge if it should take that away.

Cmk01211954d ago

What your missing is the unknown. He's just tossing out ideas of positives instead of the whole big brother argument . Pros and Cons to everything people need to get that. If its not for you don't get an Xbox one, or don't use the kinect in any way you don't have to etc. people like to debate literally everything to get some sense of being right about things am that are opinions ... I just don't get it

Dr Pepper1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I acknowledge there is an unknown factor to it. Of course there is, as I can't see 5 years into the future. However, if I can easily find flaws the moment he states his opinion, then he needs to work harder at making his argument stronger. I'm not debating "literally everything" (as you put it), I selected two main points he made and countered them with reasonable issues that popped into my head the moment he spoke.

I also noticed you didn't challenge my two points, but instead just seemed to take issue with the fact that I was providing an opposing argument. If you have something to say regarding my points, please feel free.

lgn151954d ago

Why does changing a game's difficulty make it so that it will be a flat line. Just because Skyrim is on Novice mode doesn't mean it isn't still substantially more challenging end game than at the beginning.

Dr Pepper1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

The person in the video was talking about Kinect adjusting the difficulty on the fly, instead of being restricted to difficulty levels. So unlike a game where on Normal it will still have highs and lows (in terms of challenges), he was discussing how if you are having a trouble with a certain part, the game would adjust automatically and make it easier for you. That would effectively flat line the experience, since any challenging part would be made to be less troublesome for the player depending on their body's reaction (according to him).

"Novice mode doesn't mean it isn't still substantially more challenging end game than at the beginning"

Yeah, that's why established difficulty modes are good, since they can still have set highs and lows instead of adapting and just making any frustrating part automatically easier. I would prefer to still run into various moments of challenge/toughness, to give some variety to the experience instead of making it easier because my eyes change.

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