Free Radical: PC and 360 Haze "aren't being worked upon"

Haze script writer Rob Yescombe speaks to CVG about the recent rumours and speculation that Haze might not stay an exclusive PS3 title, confirming there are no other versions being worked upon at Free Radical.

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pwnmaster30003849d ago

why would they waist there time with the 3fixme everybody knows xbots will get the rrod before even playing half into the game.

Sez 3849d ago

maybe they know 360 owner won't buy this garbage. but you ps3 owner can have it. we have better FPS already and more to come. keep this sh!t. we will get better ones. lol

heyheyhey3849d ago

like what exactly?

ironically, the 360 hasn't got a single big exclusive FPS confirmed for this year or the next

we will be getting Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 to better this

im not saying the 360 exclusive list is bad, far from it- with Ninja Gaiden 2, Fable 2, Too Human and Gears 2 it's looking great

but no FPS

trying backing your statements up, and not just spreading BS for attention

name one big exclusive FPS the 360 is getting, go on- and no crappy rumors or unconfirmed games, or confirmed games with unconfirmed platforms

EDF 20173849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Ever heard of Gears of War 2(Its a shooter although not first person), I have, and so have alot of other people. It will set the bar for console graphics once again. The PS3 can't keep up sorry. Beside this year is the year of adventure and rpgs. We have alan wake, ninja gaiden 2 etc... coming this year. I would rather have those games than Metal Low Rez Textures 4, MGS4 is really a showpiece for the PS3, it shows how it cannot display quality textures like Gears of War. Even Uncharted textures are flat. LOL Flat Station 3

Sez 3849d ago

left 4 dead,warhounds,bioshock2,huxle y,ect. is coming for the 360. and in my opinion it's better. haze is just like any other shooter out now. just nice graphic.and 360 also has shooters that are already out like. COD4,R6V2,GRAW1&2, halo,orange box,and more. so please GET OFF MY D!CK.

heyheyhey3849d ago

great a bunch of ignorant crying b!tches

vega, reading is cool isn't it? i said NO GAMES WITH ANNOUNCED PLATFORMS

you assume Bioshock 2 will be 360 exclusive, yet NO PLATFROMS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED- besides if doesn't come to the PS3, it sure as hell will pop up on PC

Left 4 Dead il accept, but it's also on PC and Valve are considering a PS3 port- the extremist fanboy inside you will tell you "ov curse lef4ded wont cum 2 da pofs3 HAHAHA LOLOLOLOL"- but its a damn sure possibility

ok then there's Warhound which certainly wont be out this year, that too will be on PC

Huxley is on PC, and is a run-of-the-mill MMOFPS

as for the other idiot, its like you said- Gears 2 ISNT an FPS, and i specifically said FPS not SHOOTER

did i ever say the 360 wont be getting good games? NO, i was talking about FPS you ignorant retard

and trust me Vega, the only person on your d!ck is Microsoft, they have you right by the balls in fact

you fcuking fanboys never read or understand the comment/article

Sez 3849d ago

i think you need to calm yourself. you said 360 has no big FPS coming out this year or next. i just proved you wrong with games like,left 4 dead,ME2,bioshock2,ect. and saying valve is considering making it for the ps3 doesn't mean it is. and again you are on my d!ck. because if you wasn't you wouldn't have responded to my comment. i think you are an emotional b!tch.if i don't like something i'm only expressing my opinion. something every sonyfanboy does when they hear a game is exclusive to the pc and 360.

Blackcanary3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Dude you made me laugh big time lol.

"Metal Low Rez Textures 4, MGS4 is really a showpiece for the PS3, it shows how it cannot display quality textures like Gears of War. Even Uncharted textures are flat. LOL Flat Station 3"

If you had played Uncharted on a HD TV or any good TV you would Know that, that game is far from being flat when it comes to textures and graphics that game wasn't even useing half the full power of the PS3. And to call a MGS4 low rez texures when the only claps u have seen of it so far is based in a Town that is in a war zone is another funny thing to say.

I guess you might be angry that it is not and could never come out on the 360 unless you want another game that would be on more than 1 disk cough hint hint Lost Odyssey. But then again your proberly used to watching the Game clips on a Low Rez monter so that might be the main resson why you think that.

Instead of being a stupid Fan Boy be a will gamer and see true grapphics for what they are.

Blackcanary3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Dude just to let you know i have a 360. And its true about thoes games you spoke about coming out this year and next year. But dude theres no need to be an ass about it, stop being a fanboy man.

I know theres a side of you who is a true gamer and not a fanboy that needs to grow up and stop acting like an ass.

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Sez 3849d ago

wow. someone must have hear me. glad to hear they are keeping it ps3 exclusive. this game doesn't look remotely interesting. besides i think 360 owner have alot more and better FPS out and coming.

Ghoul3849d ago

hey vega

that way --->

heyheyhey3849d ago Show
tudors3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

why exactly does he need to go that way >>>>?

I don't see what he said wrong, maybe you should go that way for being offensive.

and heyheyhey, why is he a ***boy? we know the game is PS3 exclusive so why would we want to hear another story about it not coming to Xbox-360, same BS different day, what he is saying is that we have enough quality shooters to not worry about Haze, if anyting this is just another way to hype a game that not even the PS3 owners are that interested in.

Sez 3849d ago Show
DARK WITNESS3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

i have to agree.

to be frank, before the game was announced as being ps3 exclusive how much attention was it getting from the 360 crowed, well not much.

why ? because as most ps3 fans like to point out... our 360 is full of FPS games, infact thats all it has from what i keep hearing.

truth be told, if it was a timed exclusive and came out latter i know i would not be bothering to buy it.

too add to what someone said below, there are better games coming out on the ps3 anyway so i am not picking it up for that. there are also better games coming out on 360 so even if it did come out on 360 i would not get it.

3849d ago
LJWooly3849d ago

Vega75, if you were that much smarter than them, you wouldn't need to resort to calling them idiots, especially since you said "they think that every 360 owner dreams of having this game". No, they never even implied that at all.

Calling someone an idiot then making an idiotic statement, coupled with shameful grammar and comprehension skills, is a little self-contradictory.

gamesR4fun3849d ago Show
Blackcanary3849d ago

You make it sound all sony owners want thoes games you said in brakits to come out on to the PS3.

I am sorry but not ever PS3 owner feels that why and for you to make a comment like that isn't right.
I'm a PS3 owner and i couldn't give to craps about those games you spoke about.
What i think there trying to do is to stop all the rumours.
And who are you to claim that every PS3 owner think that every 360 owner dreams of having these games. Leave these kind of comments in the open Zone all just leave out all together there not needed and being rude isn't needed on this site as well.

ruibing3849d ago

This article is only on the PS3 channel, why are you even here?

LJWooly3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Well, in his defence, this shows up on the N4G homepage as well, but yeah, he's just trolling. He says he doesn't care about Haze, yet he still feels the need to comment on a story about it. Go figure...

sonarus3849d ago

Funny enough looking online i would say a decent amount of 360 owners are interested. This will be the first real shooter this yr and i doubt any good ones are coming for a while. So its kinda silly to say you are glad this game isn't coming to 360. There can never be too many games on one console.

I think splinter cell conviction is the worst direction any franchise has taken in a long time. However you won't hear me saying i am glad it isn't coming to ps3. Maybe because i am a dual console owner however even if i wasn't though i wouldn't want to buy the game i could at least look forward to the demo

LJWooly3849d ago

Ugh. I know exactly what you mean with Splinter Cell. My god, daylight stealth? Ubi can stick it.

however, like you said, I wouldn't complain if it was on my favourite console. I wouldn't buy it, anyway, but I wouldn't complain, why would I not want it? Unless it's a total embarassment, there's no reason for it to not be on there.

Of course, who knows? There is still a chance in hell it may be an okay game. We'll see...

yesah3849d ago

i wouldn't overlook haze, i think it might just suprise us.

But on the article....didnt we already know this?

otherZinc3848d ago

Dont need that garbage, period.

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kewlkat0073849d ago

I was hoping for a "bone" at

I'll be Demoing this game on the PS3.

Hentai3849d ago

Only a Godly game like this game be only made for the true game console.

Hentai3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Thank you, emperor. :)

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