Pro Cycling Manager 2013 Review | PixelPerfectGaming

The highly anticipated Pro Cycling Manager 2013 has finally arrived and it’s very similar to the Football Manager series. You have full control over your teams and their choices via the micromanaging commands. There are plenty of real licensed teams and sponsors to choose from (much like the 2012 release of Pro Cycling Manager).

Pro Cycling Manager 2013 includes a polished interface that is complete with the same calendar system from last year’s release, so managing your teams, training sessions, and upcoming events is still easy. The calendar system shows every event, regardless of when it’s scheduled. It even shows events that are scheduled months in advance.

The main dashboard is setup similar to the previous dashboard from 2012, but it has been remastered to look sharper. All the same features that made the game popular are still present – e-mailing, scouting rosters, and performing objectives, just to name a few.

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