Next-gen Judge Dredd game on the horizon?

Next-generation Judge Dredd, My Little Pony and Transformers titles are set to appear on Xbox One and PS4 after a licensing partnership was agreed between IDW Publishing and games consultancy company The Powell Group.

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Vengeance11381928d ago

YES PLEASE! Day 1 if/when it happens. Dredd is SO under appreciated, it's scary. The last Dredd movie was really good too so hoping that can continue to evolve just like Dredd in gaming.

Cartridge1927d ago

Us too, lots of potential in the IP if a good developer picks it up.

1927d ago
MizTv1927d ago

I love the new Dreed movie!!!!!!!!!
Just hope the game won't suck

FRAKISTAN1927d ago

My father's al time fav game is judge dredd on the PS1

JasonBloodbourne1927d ago

Woohoo my little pony!!! Hope they use both consoles power to the max when this badboy comes out!! Goty!

barb_wire1927d ago

Judge Dredd needs to be OPEN WORLD..

MizTv1927d ago

Mega city 1 open world = awesome


Yeah that remake of dredd was classic, st8 MDK...portrayed just like the comics.I was trying to get people to check it out, but memories of one with stallone scared em