Nintendo to give out $30 eShop credit with Fire Emblem: Awakening, Shin Megami Tensei IV purchase

Nintendo will soon be offering a fantastic deal on the 3DS eShop.

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DA_SHREDDER1927d ago

I really wish Fire Emblem would have came to WiiU

dedicatedtogamers1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Out of curiosity, why not get it on 3DS?

3DS has received so many great RPGs lately. Fire Emblem, SMT Devil Summoner, SMT 4 is coming out next week, Bravely Default, Rune Factory 4, and M&L Dream Team are coming soon, SMT Devil Survivor 2 is coming late 2013/early 2014. There are SO many good RPGs.

DA_SHREDDER1927d ago

I already had a 3DS, but traded it in for a superior WiiU. sure you can take your ds anywhere but im a grown man, and when im not home Im too busy to play video games. But I do take my WiiU with me in the car for the kids. they use the Gamepad so i don't even need a TV. Pretty cool tech if you asked me.

dark-hollow1927d ago


In terms of games the 3ds without doubt blows the Wii u out of the water.
I play my 3ds mostly at home. You'll be missing tons of great games.

AdvanceWarsSgt1927d ago

I don't agree with your assessment that the Wii U is superior to the 3DS, especially in terms of portability and library. But, I won't knock your decision either since the kids seem to enjoy it a lot.

At the end of the day, you enjoy your Wii U more than you did your 3DS, and that's all that matters.

Brasi19891927d ago

I'm sure a Fire Emblem will make its way to the WiiU seeing as it has been on every home console (excluding the N64)

TongkatAli1927d ago

The tech is aight. I would have kept the 3DS over a Wii U. The CPU on that thing is suspect and the 3DS has a better screen then the gamepad.

dark-hollow1927d ago

"3DS has a better screen then the gamepad."

No it doesn't.

TongkatAli1927d ago

Yeah , it is. I have Super Mario Bros Wii U and its really dark on the LCD gamepad. The 3DS i have had experience at my freinds house the screen looked much brighter when i was playing Resident Evil Revelations.

exfatal1927d ago

you are wrong the screen on the wii u is better then that of the 3ds i have both. and i love playing my virtual console game son the wii u screen rather then 3ds

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How about $30 eShop credit for buying Wii U on launch and keeping the faith Nintendo?

exfatal1927d ago

We already get the deluxe deal where we get credited back 5% of what we buy digital. People ask for way to much..

Locksus1927d ago

Yeah, this is nice for those who live in a country that has Club Nintendo, but unfortunately we do not over here where I live.
Fire Emblem especially is an awesome game and SMT IV looks great.

ps3_pwns1927d ago

I don't like fire emblem I like final fantasy tactics more. fire emblem doesn't look attractive. its kind of boring and bland for a Nintendo game. I mean it looks like those pictures in bibles or church paintings but you are playing them as a game and its like ehh can I get some more colorful gamey type units like advance wars, ff tactics, disgea etc or something.

dark-hollow1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

If you hadn't played it I seriously recommend you to try awakening before judging it. The battle themes may lack the cartoony look of the Advance wars but I actually like it as it is. The characters designs on the other hand are great and charming.

If SRPG are your thing then FE is right up you alley. Plus it is way way much difficult than FF:T or AW. It is easily one of my top franchises in the srpg genre.

ps3_pwns1927d ago

I like difficulty I will try it then

AdvanceWarsSgt1926d ago

Fire Emblem being more difficult than Advance Wars is debatable.

In my experience, completing the campaign on AW2: Black Hole Rising on its hardest difficulty (i.e. lesser units in comparison to opposing CO, Fog of War on all maps) is one of the most difficult things to do, even for a series veteran.

Summons751927d ago

Shows how desperate these companies are to go full digital in sales......except SMT4 is a very tempting offer, so is fire emblem even though I haven't personally played it (I want too but I've never had a good past with FE before)

AdvanceWarsSgt1927d ago

FE: Awakening is very gamer friendly thanks to the Normal+Casual difficulty options added to the game. Honestly, though, if you get it, play it on Hard at the very least. Normal is a cakewalk.

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