Did Microsoft and Nintendo Follow Sony and Hurt Their Own Chances In New Console Generation?

Sony has made many business mistakes and in gamer's eyes, the launch of the PS3 is one of their more recent stumbles. The PS3 featured a new 'cell' architecture which took game developers a lot of time to master and until they did, they were limited what they could do with their hardware. Are Nintendo and Microsoft are hurting their own chances in the new console generation by doing something similar? - Lazytechguys

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Maddens Raiders2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

"Sony has made many business mistakes and in gamer's eyes, the launch of the PS3 is one of their more recent stumbles. The PS3 featured a new 'cell' architecture which took game developers a lot of time to master and until they did, they were limited what they could do with their hardware..."

Haha, depsite the premise that this article posits, if launching with the CELL eventually caused the PS3 to outclass all current gen consoles with its software offerings and extremely high graphical fidelity, I would hazard to say that MS and Ninty will be just fine.

Cmk01212022d ago

Wii is up 22 million units in this console war... And will win this gens war. I do however think Sonys success so far has just been microsofts poor marketing and the mob mentality that followed not the ps4 or content itself. MS is overly confident coming into
This race, very little marketing and any of it to be found has been crap PR. Sony is at least putting out commercials and adds to
Show off the new UI. MS is literally sitting idle after shit storm of negative press and not condoning joe consumer why their console is 500 while ps4 is 500. I'm a Xbox guy but their complacent and apathy is mind boggling. Nintendo has no chance this gen period

PSN_ZeroOnyx2022d ago

Go watch a movie at the theater, that's where X1 commercials are airing at the moment.

Belking2022d ago

mS and Nintendo will be fine. they have something sony doesn't, and that is a huge cash reserve. This is do or die for sony. They have to come through with something good.

GeisT2022d ago

Graphically it did outclass the other consoles, however I feel like overlooking the difficulty the playstation 3 put developers through is narrow minded. The ps3 had a lot of issues with security "the big hack that happened" and games locking up and glitching "most notably Skyrim" I've logged lots of hours on both and can also say that PS+ is still not up to XBox Live standards. Regardless, I'm glad everyone decided to follow a more stereotypical type of architecture for nextgen.

Malice-Flare2022d ago

both MS and Nintendo saw success this current gen, with Sony doing catch-up. sorry to say, but it all went to their heads: Nintendo thought they can capitalize on the Wii branding, lower power hardware and a new gimmick. and, MS thought they can change the buying habits of gamers to something more favorable to them at the risk of all the goodwill they earned this gen...

Serg2022d ago

Sony came out in 2005 about how the PS3 is a multimedia hub, no longer a simple games console. They have tacked on so many capabilities that weren't gaming related, it ended up hurting them. They even included the PS2 hardware to make it backwards compatible, resulting in the infamous 599 price tag. They ended up cutting down and even scrapping a lot of features, to get the price to a reasonable level, everything from changing the look of the console (Fat launch PS3's had a chrome-look on top, a few years later they replaced it with grey plastic), to ripping out the backwards compatibility, removing the card reader and reducing the amount of USB ports.

Microsoft countered with: "We have a gaming device!", making fun of Sony for trying to include all that stuff into a single device. Look at them now, doing the exact same thing, apart from the draconian DRM, which has been scrapped already. As many before have pointed out, this is 2006 in reverse.

I agree about Nintendo though, they were trying to capitalize on the success of the Wii, which backfired horribly, because they didn't realize what made the Wii successful. The Wii's controls weren't as scary to people as a regular controller. They could mimik real world actions to play the games. Nintendo thought the Wii was successful because of innovation, which was not the case at all.

GeisT2022d ago

The blu-ray feature was a good addition to the PS3, but that hardly made it a media center. Xbox's dashboard and apps make it feel much more connected and "media centery" than the PS3. In fact the only thing I don't use my xbox for is blu-ray stuff.

The weird thing is that pretty much all of the most exciting games are coming to both consoles next gen, so it really comes down to whether or not you prefer the Microsoft or Playstation interface.

xReDeMpTiOnx2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I could be wrong but I think Microsoft has done way to much damage to themself already, the amount of ground they have to make up is astounding and with ps4 getting that much stronger it gets only harder.

Gamescon should be big for Sony as they still have 14 unannounced exclusives

Microsoft only at max has 4 exclusives left to announce of the 15 they said within first year of console span

Cmk01212022d ago

Yes and no, ms has done tons of damage but its fixable . Problem is they aren't attempting to fix it. The exclusives you speak of for Sony (30 promised) they don't have enough first party studious to even do this... Look for psn arcade type title to make
Up a fair share of those meanwhile MS exclusives will
Be from their bigger studious IMO. But microsofts marketing is complete crap! Just blows my mind

xReDeMpTiOnx2022d ago

It's 20 exclusives, but if you think about it they do have the first party support. Theirs actually quite a few party's that have serpearte teams for separate projects so its possible they may have multiple titles.

But no I don't think all of them will be first party but I do bieve knowing Sony they will not disappoint with the unannounced games.

PSN_ZeroOnyx2022d ago

M$ have bought 5 studios, 5, whereas Sony has over a dozen great studios with proven success. More faith in Sony studios than M$.

PositiveEmotions2022d ago

So far their not making any mistakes so far

no_more_trolling2022d ago

only mistake i see is your incorrect use of "their"

dethpuck2022d ago

Sony isn't perfect it's way to early to crown them

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