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Duuro Mag says: The next-gen experience is already here and it is called The Last of Us! A true masterpiece that everyone and I mean everyone should experience.

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oakshin1926d ago

welcome to a naughty dog game duuro lol

kraideral1926d ago

I played everyone of them, been a Naughty Dog fan since the first Crash Bandicoot! Best studio EVER!

oakshin1926d ago

well the only jak game i played was 2 but other then that i would say me 2 the fact is theres millions of picky consumers and no game is ever going 2 be for every1 the importing things 2 look for in judging a developer is quality and willingness to change and do new things both of them things ND gets easy A+'s no doubt about it

xReDeMpTiOnx1926d ago

I think this is #216-217 or so perfect score! I know it's over 215 now :)

Congrats ND

BattleTorn1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I hate how literally no one I know has finished the game yet, I'm so desperately want to discuss the entire game with any one friend already. (I loved the ending / the entire game)

I went in with 10/10 expectations - and the game still blew my mind.

1926d ago
georgenancy1926d ago

third time beating the game,its that good

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