The Assassins Creed Series: What Will Happen Next? | 30Plusgamer

Sami Koskela from 30Plusgamer gives us his summation of where the Assassins Creed series has gone before and where he hopes it might go in it's next release.

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Fergusonxplainsall1931d ago

They go way back to when Apple of Eden was thought of and created.."Assassin's Creed 5: Now has dinosaurs and cavemen"

Still thinking of title.

Allsystemgamer1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Take a break maybe? I'd be happy to see more AC but...yearly is killing me...after a while they all seem to just..blend together

Wni01931d ago

Probably assassnate ppl

phantomexe1930d ago

I enjoyed AC3 a great deal in fact i've played trow it 3 times. Connor isn't suppose to be your average assassin. Hes ment to be and in your face assassin but you still had missions where you had to sneak. Connor didn't need to be like enzio. I loved the AC2 series of games but it was time for a change. I feel like connors story was cut short. We got 3 games to fall in love with enzio yet one for connor which feels incomplete. There was more to that story and we may never know what it was.

Sammad1930d ago

Break would be the best choice for them, but according to Ubisoft, more is on the way. Rushing will only make things worse. Just hoping they won't jump the shark and do WW2 edition.
Connors story was cut short and because i didn't enjoy the gameplay and was constantly annoyed by little things, i was more occupied with mechanics than the story. Might be the reason why I still don't enjoy AC3. First impression did

Sami Koskela

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