Yamuchi confirms damage and community update for GT this year

Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed that a "major update" is coming for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue later this year, which will add long-promised car damage and extra community features.

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Fishy Fingers4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

It appears GT5p might end up being the best £20 i spend this year.

This would obviously also hint at a 2009 release for the full GT5.

killer_trap4477d ago

i hate to break it to you. but if you think you'll only spend 20 pounds till the rest of 2008 then you're mistaken. somewhere along the line we'll have to pay for the extra content.

Fishy Fingers4477d ago

You might be right there dude, but honestly, I don't think they will charge us. The extra content might help to encourage people would didnt think the current Prologue is worth the cash to re-evaluate it and maybe make the purchase.

The more people that they can get playing prologue, the more they are likely to sell when the full GT is released.

HighDefinition4477d ago

I don`t think that`s what he was saying.....

He`s just happy he can get it for $20, for $20 whats the disc/DL is great. Battlefield: Bad Company should be $20. (i don`t know how to do pounds) -_-


killer_trap4477d ago

lol....for once i hope that i'm wrong and you're both right.

Qbanboi4477d ago

What doesn't?

Everything have DLC now days. You want more maps on COD4, Halo3? PAY? You want GTA4 best version? You will have to pay extra for it.

tweaker4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

Yamuchi stated in an interview that he wanted little to no other transactions outside the purchase of Prologue from now to the release of the full GT5.

callahan094477d ago

There has already been an update to GT5P that added over 30 vehicles and a new course, and it was free. And he calls this an "update," not DLC. Updates are free. Look at Warhawk, that has had numerous updates that have added features to the game. I'm not saying GT5P won't have any downloadable content (I.E. stuff you pay for), because Warhawk has that too, but the major updates to the game are free, you just have to pay for the new maps. I get the impression that this update will be free, with the car damage and stuff. It'd be moronic to pay extra money just so the cars look damaged when you wreck them. It'll be free, I'm sure of it.

Also, GT5P has tons of new content all the time, with the Top Gear channel which is consistently updated so you can have tons of new content about real life cars and driving and stuff.

pharmd4477d ago

let the critics be silenced now, they have nothing else to complain about :P

sonarus4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

this isn't really surprising for me, i have been following his ramblings on damage for a while. glad to know it will come this yr:). Hopefully we get a track or 2 or maybe a couple of tracks as well via update.

@killertrap they already said they don't want to charge anyone for any updates. 40 bucks is a harsh price and they know it. The producer for the american version said it in an interview.

The Killer4477d ago

dont forget they r sony not MS!!!

mattnz4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

GT5p is basically a beta test for the full GT, they've stated this a number of times, so expect more features to be added for free as they work toward the full build release.

memots4477d ago

They are still gonna complain that the tire noise (screeching) is the same as before.

Im still buying it .. Cant wait . But i must admit the tire noise(screeching) and the weird"wind wave(Ouuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiishhhhh h)" noise when you hit the sand trap is very anoying and needs some work.

kevoncox4477d ago

Hey can anyone answer a question, how many gigs is GT5:P?

sonarus4477d ago

Not sure. You need a 5GB install for the disc version and the uk store comes in with about 1.8GB however i hear there is a 1.5GB update untop of that.

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TrevorPhillips4477d ago

yea im looking forward to this game its gonna own big time

mightydog014477d ago

yea its class great detail brill.. starts of slow till you get faster powered cars then wow this is what racings about great best out there....Loving it

NO_PUDding4477d ago

I'd seen a few pretty videos on the net.

I'd heard it was a Prologue.

But I went on Youtube and saw it in action and holy macaroons it looks great. I looked at a Froza Comaprison which I don't care about, but I do prefer the 3rd person dirving to 1st person, and the richsness of the paintwork, and the glow of the lights.

I was blown away.

TrevorPhillips4477d ago

finally gt5 will have damage

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44477d ago

GOOD!;) That will shut up the boring moaning xBox Lemmings!!! ;-D

SPARTAAN4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

that the cars dont look good when they are damaged??? j/k

Antan4477d ago

Sadly they will still brag until the day the damage update actually arrives.

gambare4477d ago

"the game sucks because is not on 360" or something stupid like that

TrevorPhillips4477d ago

now they cant saying nothing about this game cause it has damage and alot of cars and tracks and tuning ups :) so this game is full perfect now

leon764477d ago

Sorry, for me is allready full perfect!!!! OK, I WANT DAMAGE!!! Is a great thing to the game, and I was begging for this sooner or later!! But, this guys who talk about "damage", they just want a excuse of lack of realism (as their "similar" games are realistic as this one, not even close!) to bash down the spectacular game that it is, knowing that they will never have a game like this in their stupid consoles!!!!

Snukadaman4477d ago

Did you even read the article?

2 cents4477d ago

@ Snukadaman
It hurts does`t it? When there`s nothing you can say it`s so hard to find an argument. But if it makes you feel any better yes, it is coming later this year.

Snukadaman4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

why does it hurt..even if i owned a ps3 I would steer far away from this would hurt someone who cared..this guy was saying the game is "full perfect"..and its far from it...if it had damage from the start then it would be the perfect demo. you hit up the morons that dont own xbox games and biatch about dont in long want too come shut me up? Its my opinion on this can call it trolling but you think I dont have my opinions on xbox games your wrong. I do care about the fact..if the ps3 was the be all console it was hyped up too be I would own one as we speak...did you even think of that.

CaliGamer4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

Weak troll, very weak. You really should just STFU, your beginning to look like more of an idiot if that is even possible.

If you care so little for this game then why are you on every thread related to it? Quit b!tchin and man up.

CaliGamer4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

So because others do it you also need to? What a lame excuse. Face the FACT, you want this game and it eats you up inside that you can't have it. I couldn't care less about any game on the 360 so I generally don't comment, if I did I would. Your just a closet GT5P lover, as I said, man up b!tch.

All that ramblin, all tender because of hype, didn't see you complaining when Halo 3 was hyped till no end and came out with graphics that couldn't hold up to 3rd party devs and gameplay that while entertaining brought nothing new to the table that we haven't seen before. Save your silly ass logic for someone else fool.

LOL, still mad because Sony tried to hype their console. Your probably one of those fools that resents his father for not taking him fishing when he was younger and holds onto that sh!t. Get over it bro, don't believe everything you read and use some common sense sometimes. I swear, some fools are so gullible.

Snukadaman4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

cant shut me up so you decide too try and counter huh...well for one thing..a game with no damage and a couple of tracks and cars are not going too get me excited...people who think gta4 should be a playstation exclusive because they think the franchise started on the playstation are the sort of people who want gtp...I am quite happy playing cod4 right now...your dime store psychology is quite entertaining...too bad you aint man enough too shut me up im sure that would also be quite entertaining

"LOL, still mad because Sony tried to hype their console"
so you agree sony tried too hype their own a ps3 right..and you have the nerve too call someone else gullible when you cant even get a decent multiplatform game to run well on the ps3...and you sit here and complain when someone who has their eyes open and aint falling for the bullsheit wants too comment on the state of that certain console...face it..everyday another story comes across these pages you kick yourself and wonder when developers will get it right...its been more then a year and some of us are still waiting.

oh by the way...halo 3 sucked..the only thing that saved it for me was multi player..I have said this when I first got the game and passed it.

CaliGamer4476d ago

You are an angry SOB, funny stuff. Anyway I will skip over all the crap you posted at the beginning as you just go off about some nonsense that wasn't even in my post about GTA4 or some such crap.

The difference with me is that I chose Sony based on past performance, not out of some sad sense of being let down by a company that has to sell a product. I have owned all the PS systems and they have never let me down, most of my fondest gaming memories are with my PS systems, the product is obviously quality and they obviously know what they are doing as a company.
It's cool if you like MS, it's your money, but I am not impressed by one year lead, I look for the long term and it is a safe statement that MS really didn't have the long term in mind when they designed the 360.
I have 10+ years to justify my support of Sony buddy, what do you have? A lead because they launched early that is quickly eroding, hardware reliability issues that are unprecedented in the industry, and being outsold in 2007 even with the heavy hitters. Yea, your eyes are sure open, no one can pull one over on you, you're just too sharp, ROFL.

Enough with the hype talk, you sound like the same jackass that goes online and sees an advertisement for male enhancement and buys 18 tubes and gets mad when he doesn't see any results. It's called marketing and you take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt. Sony might have hyped (MS has done that too), but MS denies at the expense of their customers so MS is no saint.

What is funny is that many of the statements that Sony made were in reference to things that would be theoretically possible, but you have the mentality that is prevalent this generation, and that is wanting everything now, and that shows a fundamental flaw in your understanding of the progression of technology or R&D.

FYI, the first year 360 owners were waiting for quite a lot, and they didn't have nearly the amount of good games that the PS3 had it's first year, remember that when you compare your precious XBOX to a console that came out a year later.

You are a joke man, but you have made me and my girlfriend smile so thank you for being such a fool for our amusement. Take it easy.

Your last bubble, better make it good, I'm not holding my breath tho. LOL.

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