Ton's of Xbox 360 ads you don't want to miss!

Everyone's favorite Major Nelson has a nice list of the global Xbox 360 ads. But wouldn't it be so much easier if you could watch these videos on a single page? Of course it would! Do just that after the jump.

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peksi4472d ago

From what I've heard the Major Nelson seems to work for MS ;)

Ravenator5294472d ago

Of course he works for M$. Did you think that it was some big secret or something?

If you actually listen to his podcast (which BTW is one of the best out there for 360 info),
you would know this!

ASSASSYN 36o4472d ago

The banned is the best one.

hamburgerhill4472d ago

Some of these were actually funny and had myself and my wife cracking up! For those that voted lame just give me a break!

darktangent4472d ago

Man the shootout one was the best. I was laughing so hard. Next to that the breakdancing one was pretty cool.

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