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CCC says: "Remember the calls for the boycott of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 from PC gamers? They weren’t happy with the removal of dedicated servers. As expected with most boycotts, it wasn’t much of a success. There’s an iconic image available that depicts many members of a Steam group that promoted the boycott playing Modern Warfare 2. I, however, did take part in a boycott of the Call of Duty series. My reasoning doesn’t have to do with the dedicated servers, but instead the dismissal of former Infinity Ward leads Jason West and Vince Zampella. Following their March 2010 firing, I stopped playing Modern Warfare 2. With the exception of a relapse to impress a girl, I haven’t played a Call of Duty title since."

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xReDeMpTiOnx1927d ago

Even tho I'm not getting an x1 it looks like an interesting game. But I'm not one to say the game is going to be awesome because its not out.

But it will be one I will miss on ps4 (unless it really is timed exclusive)

MysticStrummer1927d ago

Yup same here. Titanfall and MGS5 were the best things MS showed at E3 in my opinion, so hopefully Titanfall will show up on PS4 eventually. If not, somehow I'll survive.

HarryB1927d ago

Will get this for pc only. The only problem is its on the source engine which is older than ps3 and xbox360. Yeah you might say well its all about game play. But I said the same thing about homefront. Eventually I'm going to tire of the graphics and move along. Also source engine is sdk friendly. I expect mods for this game to be easily convertable for mod makers.

Funantic11927d ago

I like the team that made Titanfall, Respawn. They're a small but experienced team. Respawn has artists from God of War Ascension, a few of the Call of Duty games, Medal of Honor,God of War2, and God Of War 3. It has Sound designers from Resistance 3 and Rage. Also it has Game designers from StarCraft:Ghost, Borderlands, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Doom 4, Kill Switch, and God Of War. This game has the best of everything and will be real good.