3rd party mistakes on Wii U: Bad marketing, no DLC, and more

Gimme Gimme Games writes that while Nintendo has to do more to get third parties on board with the Wii U, third parties have themselves to blame for poor sales of their Wii U titles due to mistakes that several of them continue to make.

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leemass241929d ago

i dont care about sales or numbers i want GAME news you know where you post a story about GAMES, reviews,previews rumored games, stop with all this bs so the wiiu is not doing well at the moment we all know because you and every other site post it every day. what a joke this site is turning into.

mrbojingles1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

The article talks about how a large part of the blame can't be placed on Nintendo and must be placed on 3rd parties. It isn't all that negative towards Nintendo like most news stories on the subject, instead focusing on the flaws of 3rd parties. Did you read it? GGG posts good things about the Wii U pretty much every day and probably focuses on Nintendo platforms more than it should.

EDIT: These posts aren't exactly "doom and gloom".

All of these were posted in the past two weeks

leemass241929d ago

yeah i read it, but mainly wasnt talking about this article in general but the actual website its like wiiudaily most stories on there are just doom and gloom, and i just want to read new game news not doom n gloom. also sorry was a little rant i feel better now lol.

cyguration1929d ago

You know, I actually agree.

WHERE are all the articles on N4G and from gaming media talking about Monolith's 'X' or potential games people want to see on the Wii U? Or games that could benefit from the GamePad? Or inside info on upcoming titles for the console? Where is it all?

Seems like most of it is all about talking down about the Wii U, even if the site isn't necessarily being negative.

Think about the headline(s) and the topic. The Wii U is actually the only next-gen console WINNING right now with actual sales but everyone just keeps talking about how terrible it's doing.

mrbojingles1929d ago

This same site submitted a piece talking about how the media is ignoring Nintendo's many new IPs, Monolith's X included.

BullyMangler1929d ago

ah ha haa haaa . .saLes is all they got to attack Nintendo dsnt even care nor make games for the money ha haaa more for themselves to pLay and us to enjoy along the way.

then Justin Bieber posters all over these peoples walls because justin dominates in saLes rite?

envious goombas (:

but yur rite i wouldnt mind hearing more on what nintendo's got brewing behind closed doors

today we got some mario galaxy 3 mention by miyamoto, and tmrw is some gameplay of GTA V = happy times (:

Loadedklip1929d ago

Pretty much spot on ... when I saw that Mass Effect 3 was coming for Wii U at the SAME PRICE as Mass Effect Trilogy on 360/PS3 ... I thought it was a joke at first.
WTF was EA thinking?

solidworm1929d ago

Nintendo still trying to sell a suped up Wii to a demographic who lost interest in the Wii 5 years ago, lol. company needs wholesale sackings.

mrbojingles1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

If having an increase from 88MB RAM to 2GB RAM is "souped" up then what are the other next-gen consoles?

EDIT: Sorry I was confusing, I meant to say that I don't think the Wii U is a "souped up Wii" if that's what your saying, and I was using the massive leap in RAM power (88MB to 2GB) as an example. Then I drew a comparison to other new consoles having a similar size RAM jump, like how the Xbox One has 16 times the RAM (8GB) as the Xbox 360 (512MB). For reference, the Wii U has about 20 times the RAM the Wii had.

solidworm1929d ago

So what are you saying, the Wii was more powerful than the WiiU?

yalltrippin1929d ago

nobody gives a fuk about that fanboy console bashing bullshit,do yourself a favor and grow a brain# stick to the topic

Kevlar0091929d ago

It's too bad ZombiU wasn't a success. There was a lot of marketing put into it, the kind of game more 3rd parties should be making for the WiiU (taking advantage of the gamepad)

The entire WiiU launch was poorly done, even Nintendo was kind of standing around with their hands in their pockets. Nintendo looks to continue what they did in the Wii era by creting unique experiences and games everyone can enjoy, Nintendo has their hands in a lot of games for the next 10 months from a wide range of titles. Hopefully the WiiU can get a second chance, I know I'll give it one

mrbojingles1929d ago

I saw virtually no marketing in America for it, outside of ads on IGN/GameSpot for like a week and even then they reviewed it badly (gave it bad score I mean) while the average review managed to hit 77% after dozens of reviews. I'd say the marketing was pretty bad on Zombi U as a whole.

solidworm1929d ago

Nintendo is no longer relevant, sad but true. Without a total clear out of the people behind their philosophy they are doomed to more failures.

1929d ago
stragomccloud1929d ago

And yet, they remain the only consistently profitable games company out there.

mrbojingles1929d ago

In addition to what others have said, they remain something you talk about (Be it negatively or positively) so they can't be all that irrelevant can they?

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