Call Of Duty:Ghost Has One Whole Studio Working On Second Screen Experiences

Mark Rubin has revealed that there is a whole studio working on just the second screen experience for the upcoming installment into the Call Of Duty Franchise, Call Of Duty Ghosts.

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logan_izer101925d ago

So that makes 3 studios on 1 game!?
Fish AI Studio
Multiplayer Studio
Second Screen Studio
and no studio for last year's COD campaign cause they just use the same one

1925d ago
TheEvilWithin1925d ago

Well this all but CONFIRMS it for the Wii U. Which is nice. I think a hardcore shooter would help the sales of the system later this year. I like the idea of an off screen experience. I have a wife who loves to watch tv shows and 4 kids that like to watch cartoons. Makes getting some quality gaming in at any time a lot more easy. Granted i'm not a big fan of COD but its nice to have the option there.

Oschino19071925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Pretty sure it has more to do with PS4/Vita and Xbox1/Surface along with both systems having the ability to use a Smartphone or Tablet as a "Second Screen" for convienence and added features.

BaronVonRhett1925d ago

Sorry buddy, but that isn't really a confirmation... I mean sure, they have mad Wii CoD before, but with the low sales, it's kind of iffy...

Mikeyy1925d ago

3 studios and nobody bothers to make a new engine...

boldscot1925d ago

Exactly what I was thinking.

rustyspoon801925d ago

How can anyone disagree with you. If they spent as much time developing the engine as they do adding un-needed features, we could have an amazing game.
Get the basics right first and then add the extras later.

OhMyGandhi1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

What bugs me the most is that Call of Duty is just such a sound franchise. Sure, the engine is still pretty much the same as before, but I dare anyone tell me that COD: Modern Warfare 1 wasn't one of the best military shooters they've ever played. I had a ton of fun with Black Ops as well, I loved the plethora of online modes, reminded me of the quirky modes found in games like Goldeneye and Timesplitters (Slappers only!).

While they have milked the franchise nearly dry with a lack of overall "improvements", I still say that COD games have a damned fun, albeit short single player, and addictive multiplayer modes.

I got into serious online gaming around the time Unreal Tournament 2004 came out, then I transitioned to Xbox live with Mech Assault, Crimson Skies, and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. I would not call myself a fanboy of the franchise because I thought MW2 ( in particular) was one of the most unpolished games I've ever seen, and I've yet to play MW3 or BLOPS2, but this blind hatred for Call of Duty is odd.

Sales alone, means that there are (more then a few) people purchasing the game, yet no one wishes to admit it. It's absolutely hysterical.

The franchise deserves to be here.

sycnation1925d ago

dare I say it stole,
nay, borrowed the concept.from e3 with Ubisofts the division
and dice's bf4?

still not worth the buy or consideration

Oschino19071925d ago

Yeah cause they haven't had a companion app on smartphone/tablet since MW3 that works for both MW3 and BO2. They obviously just thought of the "Second Screen" idea after E3....

Maybe atleast have a clue before attempting to troll, makes all the other trolls look bad.

sycnation1925d ago

k I own n love both mw3 n bo2
an app is just stats and "bragging rights" on paper no more.

both cod n battlefield have apps

they are neither fun nor helpful in game/-real time

try again friend


Oschino19071925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Try again k,

Not like you can adjust your classes, join/follow tournaments/contest, extra content (guides to everything, player videos/screenshots/emblems) and has more stats and info then the game itself or anything. It's a mobile version of ELITE which is way more functional then Battlelog which has been 2nd to do everything.

The "Second Screen" wasn't/isn't relevant till this upcomming gen. It's an obvious evolution and something they had planned well ahead of time. To assume its obvious to so many other devs as a useful tool but somehow COD devs just now jumped onto it is absurd.

Maybe you're not a troll but instead an ill informed over opinionated sad case for a gamer who would prefer to spout unfounded nonsense instead of actually leaving a half thought out comment.


Oschino19071925d ago

I wasn't very clear I realize now. In my 2nd post I am more speaking ELITE compared to Battlelog in first paragraph and not the apps. I expect more improvements and features comming to Mobile apps (for both) as well with each game as they have been doing. Both are both useable in game/on console in greater amounts.

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