New Ninja Gaiden 2 screenshots

Tecmo reveals another batch of new Ninja Gaiden 2 screenshots. Enjoy.

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BilI Gates4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

What's with the constant bullshots, Team Ninja? If you're going to release new screens make sure they're taken from actual gameplay. Don't mislead people. Jeez. Compare these to the gameplay footage they've shown and you'll understand why I'm complaining.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill

InMyOpinion4478d ago

If you watch shoddy youtube movies of GT5:Prologue it doesn't look good either.

These screenshots, unlike youtube movies, are in hi-def. They pretty much look like what the game will look like on a HD TV.

Blademask4478d ago

the game gets more realistic the higher the resolution gets. just an fyi.

NG2 isn't even on the level of Sigma, so I don't see why people think these are bullshots. It looks like a Unreal Engine game imo. It should be fun though, but no graphical marvel.

MrBii4478d ago

This game is really pushing the 360 to the limit.
Over 3 enemies on screen at once!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4477d ago

Well you PS3 fans tried, you failed but at least you tried. Not hiding that jealousy well though, well considering you guys always comment on NG news. Must mean you played Sigma, loved it and are angry becasue you don't (boo hoo) get it no more. Well you can always watch us play it, along with 98% of all those ports that look and play better on ours.

kevoncox4477d ago

It's sad that this site has turned in to PS3 land.
Man the e60 lineup is really being undervaluded. There are nothing but hits headed our way in 2008

NG, Halo wars, SC, GOW2, Fable, BK,
Thos e6 games right there are going to ruin my 2008.
I have to go back out and buy a 360 again( sold my last 1)

Boldy4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

Does Dead Rising ring a bell. You know, the xbox 360 game that rendered hundreds of zombies at the same time doing their own individual things. The game even rendered killable zombies outside of loadtimes. Or maybe even a launch title like Kameo that had hundereds of creatures on the screen at once. Or let's go to the Gears of War tech demo at GDC '08 with hundreds of locusts running across the map at once. Or what about Halo 3, the game everyone critisized for it's lack of graphical prowess, had 3 epic battles against the huge Scarab with dozens of your friendly AI also trying to take it down.

So I'm not sure where this so called "3 enemy limit" is but I'm sure you haven't really taken much of a look at the 360 games anyway.

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green4478d ago

what the hell is that weapon he is using?Damn this game is going to be a blood bath with none stop action from start to finish.Can't wait,just 2 more months to go.

pwnmaster30004478d ago

it looks like sigma, but bloodier and better weapons

JasonPC360PS3Wii4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

Sigma looks like Ninga Gaiden Black, oh thats right... because it is.

Should have stayed in bed with that one, now go on and play that highest rated PS3 game that happens to be a three year old Xbox port, and don't forget it's your "last" :)

pwnmaster3000 should change his name to "got pwned by Jason 360 3000 times"

Whats that I hear? could that be crying? yup and you stink like jealousy to.

TurdStationPee4477d ago

lmao. owned.

and my only problem with the art is Ryu's shader. His legs are too smooth and plasticy. He needs a bump layer baked into his normal map, or some ACTUAL new, global details put into his normal map. It just looks too smooth. It sucks. Other than that, tho, this looks friggin good. (and before you idiot n00b sony fanboys jump all over me and PM me and make me own the sh1t out of you with some of my portfolio renders... yes I'm a f*ckin shader artist, so stfu.)

I hope you're still enjoying your xbox 1 port! LMAO. What is it, Jason? The highest-rated, best-looking game on PS3? LMAO. classic ownage.

tatotiburon4478d ago

finally a real sequel, can't wait

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