Small chance of a future PS3 price cut

The yen has strengthened against the dollar in recent times. Costing Sony an estimated 496 million dollars in losses. To stem the tide Sony is aggressively pursuing production cost reductions.

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HighDefinition4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

With this weeks VG numbers (which aren`t 100% on) the PS3 is putting some serious distance between them and MS worldwide, this is WITH 360 cutting it`s price in EU, which only makes it worse.

If they do it NOW, that gap will continue to grow at a monstrous pace, given the games that are near completion. It would be turning into a "landslide" by Xmas.

The Killer4250d ago

its more effective for them to cut it by 100$, and at this point its a lot, but we know that now the ps3 is costing less than 400$ because end of last year they said it cost them around 400$ but now the blue ray won the format war and prices of it also decreasing and also they will or already made 65nm RSX chips(which was 90nm in Christmas time), so i think ps3 40GB cost around 350$ and by summer there will be more exclusives on the shelf's for ps3 so a big price cut will have a significant effect! plus i heard that this year or early next year they will make 45nm chips for cell and RSX, if thats true we can expect ps3 slim with the price cut!

i rather see 100$ price cut in summer than to see 50$ now and another 50$ in winter!

George Washington4250d ago

sorry but , in all honesty, anyone that takes VG chart numbers seriously is about the stupidest person ever. all there numbers are completely made up , since you apparently havent figured it out. i stopped clicking VG charts since thy reported 300k in sales for mass effect when the community manager for bioware reported they hit a million after 2 weeks.

BrianC62344250d ago

What kind of site is Horny Melon? What a wacko name.

As for the dollar-yen, I read yesterday that the dollar gained on the yen. I wonder if the dollar will ever get back to being the currency of choice? It's horrible to see how weak it is now against the yen and especially the euro. I think Sony can find a lot of ways though to bring down the cost of manufacturing the PS3. Will there soon be a PS3 Slim? Technology changes so fast now I won't be surprised if Sony does find a way to combine a lot of parts in the PS3 and make a slim version.

Horny Melon4250d ago


But in all honestly the name comes from an actual fruit. And you can blame the choice on drunk grocery shopping and branding rule #2

If all the good content oriented names are taken, choose something brandable.

HighDefinition4250d ago

The Bluray drive.

With Bluray`s victory, production costs are guaranteed to drop quickly. The more MAINSTREAM Bluray becomes, the cheaper the PS3 will be to produce. It`s as simple as that.

richie007bond4250d ago

Will you listen to urself...lmao.Man your so full of it

HighDefinition4250d ago

If you`d like, PLEASE inform me.

with more than "your full of it"

The Killer4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

i think the most expansive parts r the following in order

1: Cell(it has 7 cell CPU's at 3.2GHz)
2: blue ray drive (its expansive and new tech)
3: RSX (which i think GPU's always expansive)
4: the rest :)

George Washington4250d ago

this gen is diffrent, its NOT about selling the most consoles anymore. the wii has proven this. consoles DONT sell games, the audience of people that own them are the deciders. ps3 has split its audience into 2 types, blu ray owners and ps3 owners. blue ray owners dont buy games and will only hurt its games/console ratio. shure they are gonna start flying off shelves , but that dosent mean its for the right reasons.

Omegasyde4250d ago

The price of the Ps3 won't be dropping for a while.

A) blu ray won
B) there are actual "system sellers" coming out every other month starting this month. (GTa4, MGS4, Little Big planet, KZ2, Resistance Fall of Man 2)

If anything Dora Sony might make another PS3 Sku that is even cheaper than the 40 gig. However seeing that the 80gig sold way more than the 40 gig, this might not happen.

By the laws of Supply and Demand, PS3 has had Demand finally keep up with supply.

George Washington4250d ago

sorry omegasyde but none of those games on that list are system sellers exept GTA4.. they might be good but they arent gonna sell systems. and seriously why does everyone keep saying KZ2?? that game is clearly NOT coming out this year. they havent shown anything about it ever since that E3 thing last year. if the game is suppost to come out this year dont u think they would of released a trailer by now? (not the FAKE one from 3 years ago)

The Killer4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

then gears of war 2 is not coming this year
same goes to resistance 2 and motorstorm 2 halo wars!

u just got PAWND

George Washington4250d ago

lol! yea im shure that GDC demonstration of unreal 3 engine was nothing.. nobody saw it running eh? halo wars is old news, theyve been showing gameplay about it since x07 alan wake also. youtube for it and youll find it. splinter cell 5 also.

so how bout them delayed ps3 games? just about every ps3 game coming out this year was a delayed game from last year. kz2 is more or less gonna be a flop. its defenetly not gonna match the hype.and either way, killzone 1 suckd ass. what makes you think theyll make a AAA game this time around? just cause the graphics? just watch
GTA4 will be the best game on ps3... a game thats superrior on 360.

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Kaz Hirai4250d ago

We'll see about that.......


Jandre024250d ago

So I don't know if its ALL that bad. I mean its bad, but hopefully if the US economy can show some recovery by December.

If thats the case, blu-ray, the PS3, and huge software sales from first party titles like GT5P LBP and RFOM2 will heal losses from earlier in the year.

Horny Melon4250d ago

Not in our wildest dreams. The consumer is 75% of GDP here. The consumer is buried under piles of debt, stagnant wages, and homes losing value. The Fed and Gov are trying to fix this without addressing the consumer issues. It's like trying to fix a flat tire by changing the oil.

brothersimon4250d ago

"PS3 dont even need a price-cut" - ps3 fangirls

alcaponedya4250d ago

ma'am, at the current price, it is selling the xbotplzfixme world wide.


ForROME4250d ago

Until SONY goes 299.99 they will never be at a good price and even that is steep. 249.99 and 199.99 are primetime prices. at 299.99 I will pick one up.

dalibor4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

I agree but you do get a bang for your buck for a $399 ps3. I presume when bluray players get cheaper you can bet the ps3 is going to drop in price. The economy sucks right now in NA. I didn't mind paying $500 for my 60gig ps3, i am glad i got a 60gig b/c they are now gone. She still works like brand new, except she isn't as shiny as she used to be.
There should be a place where you can take your ps3 to get it to look all nice and shiny, a ps3 wash preferably.

ruibing4250d ago

Well people pay those prices for iPhones, PDAs, and PCs with less functionality than the PS3 so it really isn't that steep of a price. A price drop is probably going to come around the winter holidays, but it's really annoying to hear people keep on saying "I'll get it when it hits $X"

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