DmC: Devil May Cry team close their discussion forums

Could this be the beginning of the end?

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Mr_Nuts1931d ago

I know people will loose their jobs and I'm very sorry for that but after the whole dmc thing they brought it on themselfs.

The only person to blame is Tameem Antoniades

Well least we'll know dmc will never get a sequel

jc485731931d ago

you also have Capcom to blame no matter how much you used to love the company.

jimbobwahey1931d ago

It's hilarious in my opinion.

Ninja Theory gave fans the finger, and fans gave the finger back. Now Ninja Theory is paying the price for their arrogance. Well deserved, I think.

Skips1931d ago

Should've just made Heavenly Sword 2. lol

abzdine1931d ago

Those guys have been so arrogant towards PS3 and Sony post Heavenly Sword and the funny thing is that HS is the Ninja Theory game that sold the most.
Now go back to Sony and make Heavenly Sword 2

Aery1931d ago

Don't think negative.

... and yes, DmC is an awesome game.

AsimLeonheart1931d ago

Looks like it is the end for Ninja Theory. That is what you get for running your mouths and making mediocre games.

Aery1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

So you think negative ?

Well, I enjoy almost every games, so ... good for me and bad for all that people who prefer to hate a game without ever trying it ...

And NT make mediocre game ?
You guys love to hate.
It's so shame ...

Blacktric1931d ago

"You guys love to hate."

And you guys love to support crap that gets bombarded with negative reviews by the community solely to have a sense of difference from the regular crowd.

See, you are not the only one who can end up reaching to some conclusion by reading one sentence someone wrote.

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zeal0us1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Well Tameen did say "I don't care if it sells a thousand units or two million." Even went so far to called the fanbase a "demographic that doesn’t exist."

Well the fanbase showed Capcom and him with their wallets and the game sold/shipped under 1.5million copies.

Don't get wrong the game was good but it was how the developers(specifically Tameen) handled this.

Imho DMC:DMC never really felt like a reboot. At best it felt like some story in a alternate universe. Did the series really needed a reboot? There was still a lot left to be told.

OrangePowerz1931d ago

As a long time DmC fan I was upset about the change of the character but I still enjoyed the game and think it was a good game with very interesting art design.

TheTwelve1931d ago

@Sonic200 --- Heavenly Sword 2 would have guaranteed sold more.

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Godmars2901931d ago

DMC: DmC was just a bad idea handled badly.

jc485731931d ago

there were better ways they could have handled this, but it felt like they forced it on us. There's also the trash talking you simply can't take back once is out to the public.

karl1931d ago

i thought the game was pretty good..

was it really that bad?

maybe they shouldnt have called it Devil may cry and thing may have turned out differently ...

or was it just shit to u guys regardless

Godmars2901931d ago

That it was called DMC when its more a clone, basically was made because Capcom drove out its original dev while still exploit the IP, reboot it with Western audiences in mind when there really wasn't anything wrong with the series, is what made the game "bad".

Ninja Theory's initial arrogant insults towards fans as well as earlier series entries didn't help either.

Vandamme211931d ago

DMC Devil May Cry was an awesome game..but the problem was DMC wasn't ready for a reboot...we don't even know who nero really is and what happen to Dante after Devil May Cry 2.

Roccetarius1931d ago

DMC 4 was half a game, because Capcom cut a ton of content that was supposed to be in it. That's why it doesn't feel very fleshed out.

wishingW3L1931d ago

On top of it, Kamiya wanted to make the game but Capcom didn't let him. He could have evolved the franchise way beyond DMC3 but after the first DMC game Capcom took it off his hands only to give it to a mediocre developer to ruin it and then pass it to Ninja Theory for a mediocre reboot.

The DMC franchise was doomed from the very beginning by Capcom itself.

Aaroncls71931d ago

I kept an open mind, and enjoyed most of DmC.
But the truth is that was not what people wanted.

I disliked DMC4, despite the awesome gameplay mechanics, I was very disappointed with the game in general; specially with Dante's character. It was bland, generic, and plain out cheesy. Reboot Dante was better approached, IMO.

I just hope good stuff comes out of this, Capcom should just fucking call Platinum Games already, although I doubt Kamiya would jump at the offer right away...

Vandamme211931d ago

I thought the same too... Dante's character in dmc4 was cheesy. In dmc3 I didn't mind him being cheesy because he was young...but since he was older looking in dmc4..I didn't like that.

Foxgod1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

That game was pretty polished, the gameplay was very smooth.
DMC4 was clunky compared to the reboot.
These guys just need better direction.

Roccetarius1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I'm not sure what you think was clunky in DMC 4. The combat was some of the best in the series, especialyl Dante's style.

The backtracking and story content, is where Capcom cut a lot of content from.

Blacktric1931d ago

"DMC4 was clunky compared to the reboot."

This is a joke, right? Except for the cut amount of cut content, Devil May Cry 4 was a great game and it was leaps and bounds ahead of the overly simplified combat of DmC.

CrossingEden1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

that's a shame because this was a very good game if you weren't constantly looking through hypocritical rose tinted glasses, if you ever called the new dante emo while defending these hair styles which looks drastically similar to this
btw, they do look drastically similar
then you are a hypocrite nostalgia fanboy, don't ever complain about companies not trying new ideas again when all of you whine so badly, and even to say, "oh but they insulted us" is hypocritical because you children sent death threats, hate mail, and negativity to anything and everything that had to do with this game, this too "oh but it's nothing like a devil may cry game"
if that were true this wouldn't exist
and neither would these
or this
so yes, once again, thanks for holding gaming back yet again fanboys, you can go back to whining about companies not trying new things now

zerocrossing1931d ago

Holding gaming back? what makes you say that?

First of all the original Dante was no "Emo" he was way too happy and jovial, also simply wearing Gothic attire does not make one an "Emo" Secondly the new DmC brought nothing "new" to the series except for a very linear platforming mechanic so that's hardly a reason for the franchise to go on as is.

In the end the fans spoke with their wallets, most people didn't like the new direction NT was taking and that's that. But hey, if you enjoyed the reboot then fair enough but clearly you're in the minority otherwise the game wouldn't have flopped so bad.

CrossingEden1931d ago

-new dante didn't have a care in the world
-dmc4 didn't add anything significant but a rehash of dante and mroe moves, DmC was the first devil may cry game where you could wield every weapon in the game at one and use them all in a single combo as well as being able to transfer pause combos into other weapons
-it also was the first game in the series where the environment was a factor during gameplay and wasn't just a static battleground
-DmC sold 1,1 million copies and is on capcom's platinum game list, if that's what you call a flop then i guess dragons' dogma also flopped because it sold 1.3 million copies and is also on that list, if the game truly was a flop then NT would've closed down by now and would'nt be working on another project

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1931d ago

@Crossing Eden.

DMC4 sold more than DmC:DmC with a significantly less install base.
Dragon's Dogma was a completely new IP and still sold better as well.

That speaks volumes for their PR campaign. Whether DmC:DmC was good is completely irrelevant if it under performed so heavily.

pr0t0typeknuckles1931d ago

So your saying a downgrade, with a terrible character,with a company that insults the fans,a company that insults the original creators,a company that insults tge character of dante,and a company that just insults everything about the franchise in general deserve to be forgiven, and again your tge only fool still arguing about tge hair newsflash the main problem wasnt the hair dude, your the real fool holding gaming back.

As for the hair,no matter what when you reboot,or remake something,the character should still show that they look like the character they are based on,new Lara croft still looks like Lara croft,every incarnation of the prince of persia looks like a Persian adventurer,rick Taylor,freddy kruger,link etc...besides you know that had the same drastic character design happened to kratos,Mario,or master chief people would flip,cause lets not forget link got a cel shaded design and people cried about it,same thing for the prince of persia be got a cel shaded design and people cried about it and those characters werent completly different,it was the sole fact that they were cel shaded(which is a stupid reason not to play a game).

zeal0us1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

DMC:DMC was a flop regardless how well receive it was. Capcom themselves admitted this. They said it failed to capture Eastern gamers attention. Well sure it was on Japan's top chart but the sales were less than half of that of DMC4.

Capcom also said delayed response to the expanding digital contents market"; "insufficient coordination between the marketing and the game development divisions in overseas markets"; and a "decline in quality due to excessive outsourcing."

NT is a independent game company, which I am pretty sure staff numbers are small especially after their parent company Argonaut Game defunct. My guess for the only reason they haven't closed yet is because they might have some money left over from deals they made with Sony(Heavenly Sword), Namco(Enslaved) and Capcom(DMC:DMC).

If Sony had owned them we most likely would've seen HS2. If Namco had own them we would've seen them shutdown because Enslaved only manage to ~460,000 copies. Capcom probably would had combined them with another one of their studios or just shut them down like Namco probably would've done.

Why would DMC:DMC be considered a flop while Dragon Dogma isn't? Dragon Dogma manage to sell 1million copies only after one month of its release. DMC:DMC just finally manage to sell 1million copies almost three months of its release. I am pretty sure the budget DD was lower given that it was a new IP. While DMC:DMC budget was higher given that it was a game from a known series.

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