DICE Asks What Fans Want Most from Battlefield 4's Commander Mode

Gameranx: "Commander Mode brings a variety of features to Battlefield 4."

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malokevi1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Playing on tablet would be so awesome. Not having to turn on your console, you would have the freedom to play as a commander without feeling like you were missing out on the in-game action.

I can see this being a lot of fun, and adding a ton of depth to the game. Certainly it will make it a more focused, team-oriented experience, which is always better.

irepbtown1953d ago

Many games are moving in that direction, take Tom Clancy's Division. 4 player co-op with a 5th using a tablet/smartphone. That 5th player gets a birdseye view (live) of what the other 4 are doing on the ground.

I'm all for it!!!

malokevi1953d ago

I just got my Surface RT for that very reason. No way I'm missing out on an entire dimension of the experience in the next-gen. I'm going to have so many input devices, between smartglass, Kinect, and my controller... it will be nuts.

Lisica1953d ago

I wonder if smartphone/tablet can handle it.

3-4-51953d ago

I want it to not effect the game that much in that I don't want it to decide the match or break the flow of the game.

It needs to be like grenades in BF compared to COD...

In COD nades kill anything close regardless and have an effect on the game more than they should.

In BF, grenades do damage, but you can't spam nades and noobtube your way to victory.

They play their role, and they are a PART of the game...not something that decides the game.

Commander needs to be a tool to help...another option...but not the deciding factor in the battle.

dontbhatin1953d ago

If you had ever played any previous BF game, practically every time the better commander/team communication was the victor. Why change that now? Everybody wanted it back and that's all. They don't want it to be a pointless gimmick which is what you seem to want it to become.

3-4-51953d ago

I pretty much want it NOT to be a pointless gimmick....maybe I didn't explain myself correctly.

There is a difference between being an intelligent commander and being able to spam an ability.

One takes skill, the other a child could do.

dontbhatin1953d ago

"There is a difference between being an intelligent commander and being able to spam an ability."

Agreed but that has never or ever will be an issue with commander mode. there has always been quite a long cool down state for certain abilities. mainly the offensive support actions like artillery. Te devs know commander mode has worked perfectly fine and should have been in BF3. Im very confident that it is going to be balanced very well.

ATi_Elite1953d ago

for Commander Mode to be EXACTLY how it was in BF2.

Better yet just put BF2 on the Frostbite 3 engine and ALL will be fine.

Donnieboi1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Isn't this game coming out in just a few short months? DICE should have asked for our input months ago. Oh well, better late than never. Just hope they are not gonna be late with BF4, as it will likely be my first PS4 game.

spaceg0st1953d ago

the title of the article is misleading... they're not asking for input for what to include, they simply tweeted a question to generate buzz... 'What are you looking forward to most in Commander Mode?" and then vote.

JunioRS1011953d ago

I want to not be annoyed by airstrike spam.

3-4-51953d ago

Their is probably a limit on them. You need to earn enough points to use them, so it may depend on how well everyone else is doing.

If team is not playing tactically and strategic, they should earn less commander abilities / air strikes.

HeavenlySnipes1953d ago

Then on the other hand if one team is dominating it will just add more salt to the wound of the other team as they get constantly shelled by airstrikes. Causing the usual rage quitting, Dice forum board complaining etc...

Angeljuice1953d ago

Civilians in buildings, they're always there in real life conflicts. Severe penalties for killing them.

DaCajun1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I've been thinking the same thing for years. It would make it definitely more tactical. Would help to have way less spray and pray, grenade, mortar, claymore, or rocket spaming. Should make it a very very heavy penalty for killing civilians. Perhaps subtract one kill from KDR for every civilian kill (because we know how much kids these days think their KDR in a video game proves how badass they are, can't mess that up) or overall experience points deduction, maybe both.

titletownrelo1953d ago

I'm all for it, its just that, Devs don't put unarmed civilians in first person shooters because they know the trigger-happy gamer WILL kill them.

Anal countries around the world will see these in game acts not as pixelated jokes, but as "inhumane" or whatever = banned = less $$$ for DEV


XtraTrstrL1953d ago

I knew that was one of the secrets of commander mode, and I stated it would be the case in one of the other topics about commander mode a few days ago. It just makes perfect sense with all the 2nd screen uses for next gen games that BF4 would use it for commander mode. It fits perfectly.

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