Euro TV Commercial

The Euro angle on PS3 marketing is a bit odd.

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OutpostCommand4471d ago

Hahahaha...quality !
What the hell happened to her living room-
Did a grenade go off or something ?

12Volt4471d ago

but some anti-sony head altered it to look stupid..

Anyway sony marketers have gone to the mnightshyamalan school of self isolating creative genius...

THWIP4471d ago

It won't be available there for another 5-7 months anyway. If I were a European, I'd be PISSED to see an ad for something that I knew wouldn't even be available for so long.

Voodoochild4471d ago

I love the Playstation brand, but that was the dumbest ad that I have ever seen!

shysun4470d ago

I didn't like that one.

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