Jimquisition Gamer Guys

Jimquisition travels to another time and another place, examining a world taken over by gamer guys and their testosterone-addled inanity. Something must be done!

Fortunately, your ol' pal Jim Sterling is here to take those insincere culture thieves down a peg, and put gaming in the hands of those to whom it belongs. Welcome to the Sarkybastardverse, which is definitely a real thing now.

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Blacktric1927d ago

Less than 2 minutes in and I'm already having a massive headache because of the constant barrage of overly sarcastic, unwitty bullsh*t regarding majority's stance towards so called "gamer gurlz" and how Jimmy Jobby does not like it.

zerocrossing1927d ago

To be fair this whole subject is a bit ridiculous.

Sure we know there are "gamer gurlz" that really are just looking for attention but, there are still plenty of genuine girl gamers that have as much right to game as you and I without having to tolerate an onslaught of childish abuse due to purely to their gender.

Blacktric1927d ago

And I completely agree, which is the reason why I think making a video like this was completely pointless considering there are already many articles written regarding this matter in a serious manner from people who you can take seriously.