Civilization V: Brave New World fails to make an interesting strategy game | GamesBeat review

GamesBeat's Rob Savillo: The first 100 turns or so of a Civ V game hold that magic of the better prequels in this series — so full of exploration, discovery, mystery, and chance. It doesn’t hurt that the animations are beautiful and the attention to detail gorgeous; at times, I’d start a war just to see rockets fly or swords clash.

But as the game progresses, it quickly devolves into the same cycle of rote resource accumulation of filling culture and gold and science and tourism and faith and happiness buckets. That’d be all right if their buildup wasn’t a surefire thing you could depend upon. Sometimes Civ V feels like it’s on autopilot, which isn’t the hallmark of a strategy game worth your time.

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deantak3997d ago

I love this game. Except for the centuries long battles.

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JeffGrubb3997d ago

I'm hoping some young devs can get into the 4X genre and jump start it with some new ideas.

andrewer3997d ago

Civilization II will always be the best for me

mmj3997d ago

I didn't like Espionage from the last expansion either, it's annoying having the CPU steal your resarch all the time, would rather they put the effort into real AI rather than handicaps and gimmicks.

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Why on earth can’t I stop playing this?

An article that gives some insight why Civilization V still fascinates some gamers after so many years since its release.

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Anon19743478d ago

I remember back in the early 90's (I swear I do) at university there was somebody in my dorm room pretty much 24 hours a day playing Civ II on my Amiga.

Subenu3478d ago

Haha, I started with the second game, but yeah, you're right: Once you start, you won't stop!

andrewer3478d ago

xD I still play Civ II, love it

GokuSolosAll3478d ago

Because you have crap taste in games?

bednet3478d ago

Civ is extremely well done, has a huge community, is going on 24 years and stronger than ever and has won multiple game of the year awards. How many IPs can say the same.

You not liking it does not make it crap, sorry.

cell9893478d ago

why on earth cant I stop playing Destinty :(

Imalwaysright3478d ago

Has anyone else ever started playing a Civ game after dinner, then just casually look through the window and think " Holy crap...The sun has risen!"


traumadisaster3477d ago

I even go back and play the 360 version for fun also.


5 PC Games Every Console Owner Should Play

Bill Lavoy (Prima Games): Gaming on a PC can be an intimidating venture for a lot of people. Veterans of the platform will tell you how cheap it is compared to consoles, and that's likely true in a lot of cases. The problem as we see it, however, is that most people are turned off by the idea of building or upgrading, and even having to use a mouse and keyboard. Simply put, some people just want to lean back on the couch with a controller in hand and game like they did with the Nintendo Entertainment System in the 1980s.

The problem with that approach is that there are too many great PC exclusives to ignore, and most of them aren't resource hogs that require a super-computer to run. With that being said, in the spirit of helping you discover some awesome games that your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One don't have, here are five PC games you should play today.

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ATi_Elite3584d ago

Seriously that is a Bull Crap list aimed at making consolers laugh at PC Gaming.

Goat Simulator? Really? GTFO

I would choose

STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl
Gary's Mod
Rise of Nations
Guild Wars 2
Wing Commander

I tried to gather games from across several genres.

Big_Game_Hunters3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Gone home "Games" "gaming" Sure...

mysteryraz113583d ago

Maybe minesweeper or solitaire the best pc exclusives


Civilization V: Brave New World: Review | Lead Example

Brave New World is the newest expansion pack for the critically acclaimed Civilization V by strategy developer Firaxis and continues on from Gods and Kings as tweaks to features from the original Civ V and adding new features such as Tourism and Ideologies.

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