CD Projekt: Skyrim 'Playing Around More Casually' than The Witcher 3

Compared to Wild Hunt, Skyrim can almost be called a casual game.

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RGDubz2023d ago

Pfffft.. Skyrim always has been a casual gamers game, only casual mainstream gamers play it & continue to do so.

CrossingEden2022d ago

you sound unbelievably pretentious right now -_- skyrim is a great game and to say "i don't wana play tis gamez, itz to cazaul" is really stupid, infamous second son and and uncharted are mainstream, but i bet you're all over that

Rusty5152022d ago

He's probably a hipster. The weasel probably listens to Beethoven too.

thorstein2022d ago

Well add this to the "Skyrim is generic" phrase that CD Projekt said awhile back and we get a company that is desperately trying to gain headlines by saying "controversial" things. It is trolling, plain and simple.

The Witcher is a great game. Skyrim is a great game. Why do they have to criticize the competition.

Compared to Demon's Souls Witcher could be considered casual....see anyone can troll, CD Projekt.

MysticStrummer2022d ago

@thorstein - "Well add this to the "Skyrim is generic" phrase that CD Projekt said awhile back and we get a company that is desperately trying to gain headlines by saying "controversial" things. It is trolling, plain and simple."

Agreed. The title reminds me of the Forza devs feeling the need to trash talk Gran Turismo.

Let your game speak for itself. They should say "What we're trying to do with our game is very different from Skyrim." and leave it at that. Talk about the specifics all you want, but leave other games out of it. Let previews and reviews written by others take care of the direct comparisons.

AngelicIceDiamond2022d ago

Wow and yet before Skyrim released everyone was saying "GOTY" "Best game ever" "Day One! Day One!! Day One!!!" and it was hotly anticipated.

Was the game a little over hyped sure. But CDP is capitalizing on what Bethesda did, obviously by making their game bigger.

What I don't understand is why bash a game that's been a fan favorite for years and years? Something tells me after this game releases another dev will come along and say "well our game is 50x the size of Witcher 3 and more content" And everyone flock to it and bashing The Witcher in the process.

It's not like Skyrim 2 is out of the question. whenever that game releases are people gonna bash Witcher2? It doesn't get anymore hypocritical than that.

I'll enjoy Witcher and next gen Elder Scrolls. Bethesda's game was far from perfect but it still delivered that core experience that everyone was looking for in a Elder Scrolls. I guess those countless hours put into Skyrim mean't nothing to some of you gamers.

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Anthotis2022d ago

Skyrim was designed with the lowest common denominator in mind.

It was made so the lesser human could play a game that "reminds them of that lord of the rings film they watched once".

That's why it was so dumbed down in comparison to previous TES games. In fact, that's why it was on a similar level as the COD games.

Mr_Nuts2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

As much as I liked Skyrim...It did feel like it was dumbed down

Hardly no new magic to play around with

The guilds felt easier to do, hell only one mages guild

Not enough variation in weapons..we ask for spears, we don't get them.

The level up system and perks were very straightforward. You could even reset them in the DLC

Hell where was unique weapons like the ones in Fallout. There wasn't enough of them in my opinion

All dungeons felt the same, they looked a little different so that was a small improvement but I am so sick of the Draugr, would it kill them to add the Zombies in Oblivion for variation. Every tomb was full of either them or spiders.

It never really had that charm Oblivion/Morrowind did. It's sad because theres a lot you could do with the game, a lot of stuff to add that most mods do but them again you have to think not everyone will get to experience them

CrossingEden2022d ago

your opinion has no credibility if you found skyrim to be similar to call of duty, hey genius, streamlined and more intuitive doesn't mean dumbed down

SilentNegotiator2022d ago

"it was so dumbed down in comparison to previous TES games"

Skyrim had the best controls and mechanics in the series and took out the fat. People whining about how "easy" it is remind me of all of the people comparing KZ3 to CoD because they fixed the horrendous input lag.

Why don't you just carry a ball and chain around everywhere? Then life will be way better and you can feel superior to all of the noobs walking around with free legs.

RGDubz2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

@ CrossingEden

Nope, won't play Uncharted but my girl does & has beaten all 3, Infamous has always sucked & I'm pretty sure it always will.

I've played Skyrim only because I got it free & the sidequests are better then the main story because it's so bad, the melee combat is worse then oblivion with some worst hit detection TES has ever had, the "dragons" are tiny as are the so called "giants".. I could go on & on had bad the game really is, but why bother.

It's a casual gamers game & if you think it's a quality game you must be one of those casual gamers I mentioned, in which case this game is made for people like you & I'm sure you'll love it.

I'm sure I'll get more disagrees then agree since the causal gamers vastly outnumber the core gamers but I expect it, so disagree away casuals.

Mainsqueeze2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

This is a site with pretty much only core gamers on it...casual gamers prob have no idea what n4g is. Your basically saying "i don't like this game and if you do your a casual noob". Get over yourself dude, your a hipster, nothing special or unique.

RGDubz2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

@ Mainsqueeze

No, I'm saying the samething everybody else trashing the game is saying.. Like CoD and other bad games, the game itself is desgined for casual gamers/lowest common denominator/nOObs/(or in CoD's case) children/or whatever else you wanna call them, they're the ones who put hundreds of hours into the game and don't even notice how badly of a watered down version of a TES game Skyrim really is.

And & yes, I'm sure this site is just full of core gamers, casual gamers don't even know how to use the internet.. They would never find, this site it's SUPER SECRET.. Shhhhh. <sarcasm>

Mainsqueeze2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Its a matter of interest not a matter of not knowing how to use the internet...and yes we all already understand you like to hate on whats popular and successful its ok to admit that your a hipster. Their is a place for games like COD and a place for games like EVE online for different moods or what somebody wants to play at a specific time.
Honestly Skyrim is not that watered down compared to previous ES games and if you let little changes like not having to repair your weapon in the middle of a dungeon bother you then you prob have bigger issues to worry about. And since when did monster size make a game not hardcore...previous ES games never had huge monsters. Your reasoning is absolutely ridiculous. Who are you to call someone "a casual gamer" for one type of game they might play and enjoy out of maybe hundreds?

RGDubz2022d ago

Ye,s because no casual gamer would have any interest in a gaming site <yet more sarcasm>

Did I specifically say monster sizes are tiny so this game must be for casual gamers? Just mentioned one of the games numerous flaws I take issue with.

You don't notice how watered down Skyrim because you don't know what a quality game is, the industry has made so much watered down crap you think it's the norm.

I call them like I see them, real gamers know quality and Skyrim is anything but quality.

But you're right about one thing there with always be an audience for those games, they're called casual gamers.

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Monkeysmarts2022d ago

I was a hardcore gamer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.

Angrymorgan2022d ago

Haha thaught that joke died ..

BallsEye2022d ago

I do agree skyrim got too easy compared to for example Morrowind or Oblivion... but it's still a great game.

Problem is, I started Skyrim on Hardest difficulty.. it was cool for first 5 levels! I had to plan every battle...and then it became so easy I 1 hit kill everything! Even Dragon Priests! On hardest difficulty! Bad move bethesda! Also you should add some freaking achievements for people who play on hardest.

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windblowsagain2022d ago

Skyrim bored me, just like oblivion.

I haven't played witcher because of it.

Modi19842022d ago

same here .. but the witcher 2 its a different thing
interesting story, characters you will never forget
and a great OST.

Roccetarius2022d ago

I'm fairly confident that CDPR knows what they're doing. :)

And i agree, Skyrim never was a serious game. Not like what they're trying to do here.

Gabnet2022d ago

Wow what a pompous thing to say. I hope they can deliver though

thorstein2022d ago

Indeed. Deliver and let your game do the talking for you...

310dodo2022d ago

All this Skyrim hate. LoL!!

Skyrim is one of the best games ever created.
every single one of you haters bought Skyrim on 11/11/11
and just because its 2 yrs old now

"it sucks" "skyrim is boring"

tell me again...what Open world game have you created?

thorstein2022d ago

"Those who can do, those who can't criticize."

Well said, 310, well said.

MysticStrummer2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

"Skyrim is one of the best games ever created."

Entirely subjective.

"every single one of you haters bought Skyrim on 11/11/11"

Hard to prove that, but they surely at least played it or one of the other ES games to have an opinion. They are all very much alike, though they've gotten more mainstream as time went on.

"and just because its 2 yrs old now "it sucks" "skyrim is boring""

People were saying that in December of 2011.

"tell me again...what Open world game have you created?"

Invalid argument. Can you only judge food you cooked, or a movie you made, or a book you wrote? No. Fun is subjective, but there are detailed open world games that don't have nearly as many bugs as every single one of the Elder Scrolls games has had. Bethesda is notoriously bad at coding and quality control.

I love the ES series and will buy the next one, but Skyrim would be quite a way down on my Best Games of All Time list.

thorstein2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Invalid argument is invalid. Sorry, but you can't judge food if you have never cooked. You can't judge a movie if you never attempted to make one and truly understand all that goes into it. You can't judge a book unless you have written one and you most certainly can't critique a game unless you have been involved in their creation.

No one, but no one has ever built a statue to critics. Philadelphia had a statue to an influential fictional movie character (Rocky) but never to a critic.

That is why the phrase is "Those who can, do. Those who can't, criticize." Those who can make amazing games, can. Those who can't, criticize.

See my blogs right here on N4G for a far more pronounce reason why.

All the work of critics amounts to little more than a dung pile. They have accomplished nothing.

MysticStrummer2022d ago

Going by that method, most people can't judge most things. I don't agree with that at all.

Who's talking about building statues to critics? Critics are nothing but people with opinions. Some critics are paid to give those opinions, but everyone has them.

thorstein2022d ago

Most people can't judge things and most people definitely shouldn't.

Think about it this way: if you pay to go to Cornell, worked your tail off to get there, and learn at one of the most prestigious institutions to become a veterinarian and consequently become one of the top vets in the world, you would owe it to your hard work and the expertise, knowledge, and teaching of your professors.

But, apparently it is okay if someone with minimal schooling and little knowledge of animals can criticize Cornell and your profession, get published (and paid doing it), and not get called out?

So, the answer is Yes, most people can't judge things.

BTW, what I described is happening right now.

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