So…When Can I Play 3DS/Vita Games on My TV?

From the article, "Ever since the release of Sony and Nintendo’s latest handhelds, the PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS respectively, there have been quite a few things that have irked me in regard to this generation’s handhelds. Apart from the primary matter of contention that is the lack of software for each system, especially in the Vita’s case, there is one glaring issue that completely mystifies me as to how Sony and Nintendo could be so keen to ignore it. That issue being the question of, “Why can’t I play my 3DS/Vita games on my television?” It seems like such as simple idea that really should be a no-brainer for the two giants of interactive software, yet this seems a foreign concept to each. This is odd considering both companies allowed taking handheld gaming to a bigger screen in previous generations."

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nick3091932d ago

Maybe with the help of ps4 you will be able to connnect your vita via internet and stream your games, like apple does.. I want this kind of feature. Wirelessly of course. Same goes for the 3ds.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1932d ago

Wouldnt care for this it defeas the purpose of playing anywhere on a handheld, only playing ps4/psn games on vita over wifi or whatever interests me.

nick3091932d ago

Well for me, i rather play in a bigger screen. I mean the option will appeal to alot of vita owners, if sometimes you get to a buddy's house and wanna stream music , movies , web browsing and games to show to everyone. I really enjoy gaming on bigger screens but that's not everyones opinion.

Donnieboi1932d ago

@Pope: Why would u say no to more options?

PeaSFor1930d ago

having the option to do it is supposed to "defeat the purpose of playing anywhere on a handheld"


sorry but you are totally missing the point.

iamnsuperman1930d ago

True but a quick walk around town and you can really notice the insane amount of free wifi points (especially in coffee shops). Free wifi is becoming as regular as phone signal

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TheGrimReaper00111930d ago

While in theory this would work
it wont happen with both the vita or 3ds
they cant handle it, cause remote play sets the system up as a server
that would mean the ps vita has to stream the video and controls to the ps4, while still runing the game on itself and keep a solid connection between the two devices.
They just cant handle that
However, the developer kits for ps vita have a hdmi out, so they can see the game on the big screen
i wouldnt mind seeing gravity rush on my tv

animegamingnerd1930d ago

i would like it if nintendo made a add on that lets you play DS and 3DS games on your Wii U just what they did with the gamecube

Rockstar1930d ago


I am not a huge fan of the 3DS but I really want to play Luigis Mansion 2 and A Link to The Past 2.

Please Ninty....Listen to this nerd of anime and gaming!

SolidDuck1930d ago

Ya it's the main reason I haven't bought a vita yet. When I'm home I don't want to play on a handheld, I want to use it like a controller a hook it up to my tv.

IMightBeRetarded1930d ago

I'd like this feature, but I can't help but feel the touchscreen would be difficult to use accurately.

Pancit_Canton1930d ago

If Sony decided to redesign the Vita and add NFC and Screen Mirroring Tech on the Vita.

DarkBlood1930d ago

now your making me want to wait beyond a red vita release to see if they do that for the vita in the future lol damn you man

Tong1930d ago

3ds games would look hella ugly on a giant hd tv.

IMightBeRetarded1930d ago

Most portable games would. Killzone mercs however still looks insanely good on a tv somehow (based off some e3 footage).

CaptCalvin1929d ago

Vita has a high enough native resolution for games that run in it to look good even when blown up. Killzone merc is one such game.

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The story is too old to be commented.