Fallout 4 Development up to Bethesda, but Obsidian 'Would Love' Another Chance

Obsidian doesn't want New Vegas to be its last Fallout project.

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Mr_Nuts2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Oh god, please don't give the main Fallout games to them, make it a spin off again at least, New Vegas was alright but I felt like it was a step back from Fallout 3

I liked the factions in some way but I felt like with the different endings it made things too complicated, it didn't really explain the types of paths you could take clearer and before you know it, it was too late you've done a mission that cancelled out another mission you should of done.

As I've said before I never liked how you could only gain a perk every two levels, the fact that there wasn't a single way to get your SPECIAL stats up to 10 and that there wasn't many perks to gain like the Ant Sight/Might one from Fallout 3.

Not to mention I felt New Vegas was smaller compared to Fallout 3. It had roughly the same content but the map in general was smaller, I mean hell down town DC in F3 was huge, the strip in New Vegas was smaller, not too mention the consent loading screens to get from one end of the strip to the other.

Kanzes2023d ago

It is just me, or I think FO New Vegas is equally good as FO 3

Megaton2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I think they're equal. They each do some things better than the other. Most of the faults in NV can be chalked up to Bethesda's awful engine.

JunioRS1012023d ago

It's not just you, everybody agrees FONV was awesome. I absolutely loved finding out about all the different factions, especially the cannibals with the masks lol ooo i was so scared to walk around their building!

ThanatosDMC2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

New Vegas gun mechanics were a great addition to Fallout but the game was too small and almost bottlenecked a player from going wherever he wanted unlike Fallout 3.

We were forced to pretty much go south from Goodsprings instead of going in whatever direction we choose because of high level insta-death enemies from the north and the east side. West side is the end of the map and a huge invisible wall.

I hope they add more mini games like Caravan on Fallout 4. That was addicting. I hope casinoes return minus the fact that they'll kick me out. I hated not being able to make more bottlecaps.

Blacktric2022d ago

"We were forced to pretty much go south from Goodsprings instead of going in whatever direction we choose."

You can get through I-15 easily at level 1 without even using a Stealth Boy (which is what many min-maxing or meta game planner players do). Just take a right before reaching Sloan and either go through Hidden Valley or go straight towards Neil's Shack and climb the rock that's at the end of the left side of the road right after the turn. That way, you'll pass the first Super Mutant/Nightkin filled checkpoint and use the small pass to get through the mountain (as long as you disarm/avoid bear traps and get away from the rolling boulder). You'll be in New Vegas in less than 20 minutes this way.

And this is one of the reasons why I love New Vegas a lot more than Fallout 3. It actually let's you play the game however you want after you played through the game once by doing whatever quest markers tell you to do. In Fallout 3, you were still forced to use the dreadful metro tunnels to get through even simplest of areas due to lazy level design.

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dreamoner2023d ago

FNV was real RPG; had better choices/consequences, better story/companions etc, overall better than FO3 in my opinion.

And it isn't Obsidian's fault if engine couldnt deliver.

Fallout 4 will be bethesda's own game, that's for sure. Normally I wouldnt but after Skyrim I trust bethesda to deliver a real good game. But it wouldnt be a real RPG game. Hope da spin off will be by Obsidian.

Blacktric2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

"New Vegas was alright but I felt like it was a step back from Fallout 3"

>vastly better main quest
>since it's made by some of the Black Isle members, lore of the original two games didn't get raped
>great environmental design that does not rely on constant usage of underground metro tunnels
>vastly superior weapon and item selection
>better perks
>reputation system
>better selection of endings

The only problem New Vegas has is the extremely diminished usage of the Karma system and the fact that some of the SPECIAL stats are still pretty useless (Perception, Agility, Charisma). Other than those and some bugs, it was a serious improvement over the boring mess that was Fallout 3.

"As I've said before I never liked how you could only gain a perk every two levels, the fact that there wasn't a single way to get your SPECIAL stats up to 10 and that there wasn't many perks to gain like the Ant Sight/Might one from Fallout 3. "

So your main gripe with the game is that it didn't let you become overpowered as soon as possible? Come on. And New Vegas' final level cap is 50, while Fallout 3's is 30 which is why getting a perk every 2 levels is justified. Also you do get serious permanent increases to some of your stats with some of the add-ons (finding and getting your spine re inserted gives you +2 permanent STR increase in Old Worl Blues and you get to increase one of your SPECIAL stats once after completing Lonesome Road, etc.) along with the SPECIAL implants found in the core game.

YNWA962023d ago

New Vegas was a great game too, had me hooked for months, but to me, it simply was not Fallout 3, did not have the same aura. Maybe that is because it was a long time without Fallout, but #3 had the magic.

C-Thunder2023d ago

Agreed, except for Charisma being useless. I talked my way through most of the game because of my high charisma skill.

Blacktric2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

"I talked my way through most of the game because of my high charisma skill."

I'm pretty sure you're thinking of the Speech skill. High Charisma stat only gives you +2 increase to your Speech skill per stat level (10 Charisma gives you 20 points to speech, which can easily earned by leveling at least twice without having to waste your SPECIAL points on Charisma). And there aren't many Charisma stat checks I know of, while there are more than enough situations you can make use of a high INT (around 7) or Luck stats (for gambling and getting criticals regularly), which makes Charisma useless. And there aren't any speech checks that require over 50 points at the beginning anyway (40 max until you reach Primm, and that's only necessary if you want to convince Deputy of Primm to give you the location of Benny without having to get him out of the casino, which takes about 30 seconds). Otherwise you will be more than fine with 30 speech until you reach Novac.

ThanatosDMC2022d ago

Agility was useful but you dont necessarily "feel" it when your Agility is 4-5+. At 1 agility reload times are horrendous.

Perception is useless. Charisma has it's uses to have Boone be a little bit more tanky.

I wish they added a more robust crafting system. I want to make a crapload of landmines. Probably the best toys to play with in the game. Bouncing betty's and trip mines and claymores would be a nice addition.

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Sideras2023d ago

Wut? FNV was a million times better than FO3. FO3 lacked almost all the black humour that was so good with the Fallout world, it had this frustrating POS city and everything was just supposed to be epicepicepicepic. It lost the RPG feel.

So please bethesda give all rights to Obsidian and stay the f away from Fallout.

levian2023d ago

I agree to an extent. They definitely made a TON of improvements in FONV, the weapon customization alone makes me like this game. I enjoyed the DLC's much more, and the gambling system was sort of fun, if a little cheap for easy money. I liked the armors available better as well.

However I really, REALLY preferred the setting of FO3. The Wasteland was incredibly boring - I play a post apocalyptic game and expect to see wastelands of cities, not something that is already a wasteland.

tacotruck2022d ago

New Vegas was very much a love letter to the Fallout games of the past. Despite some of its flaws (which certainly have more to do with Gamebryo than the team at Obsidian), the spirit of FO1 and 2 felt much more realized in New Vegas than in FO3.

I think that those who were looking for something more action-oriented might say that FO3 was the better experience, but as someone who grew up on the original games, the ability to actually create a character and really roleplay in NV was a dream come true.

That being said, I wish Fallout would go back to its isometric roots, so what do I really know?

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YNWA962023d ago

Yes please.... suffering from withdrawals for far too long... Skyrim helped... but as Craigatorian said.... just give me my fix!!!

Wni02023d ago

Maybe have a better engine may be

Heavenly King2023d ago

New Vegas felt more "Fallout" than Fallout 3. Maybe it was because part of the original members of Fallout 1/2 work at obsidian. F:NV is like F3:Van Buren, if you read the story of the game back then.

I enjoyed New Vegas a lot, and I think it was a better game than 3. BUT I like better Bethesda approach with the brotherhood of Steel in the game.

Sideras2023d ago

The writing, the story, the humor, the setting, the depth. It was all there. Fallout 3 felt meh compared to FNV.

310dodo2023d ago


Being from the West Coast and loving FallOut 3 with all my heart, I was so excited for new vegas!!

then I played it...terrible

small, boring, 7/10 at best.

FO3/Skyrim team are who I want to make Fall Out 4

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