Digital Trends - Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead: 400 Days’ … just play it

Digital Trends - Telltale Games’ great success with The Walking Dead stems from an understanding on the part of the creators that Robert Kirkman’s comic book series has never really been about the zombies. People form the heart of these stories, whether it’s Rick Grimes trying to guide his son Carl along on a safe path through the shadows, or Lee Everett giving his all to protect the orphaned Clementine. The Walking Dead: 400 Days carries this idea forward in a novel way, with Telltale’s writing team being given an opportunity to spread its vision across a larger canvas as a half-dozen new characters slip into the foreground.

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1930d ago
Kran1930d ago

Um.... 400 days was good, but not that good... not as good as the main game anyway...

CaptainYesterday1930d ago

It lacked the emotional attachment with the characters that we had with Lee in Season 1. I really liked the characters but I wanted to know more about them and who they are/were. I did enjoy 400 Days I loved all the different stories and characters.I'm really hoping we see these characters in Season 2 :)

Kran1930d ago

Even the ones who


Don't go with you in the end. I'd like them to come back in some form.