XBLA, Contra and Gyruss coming "soon"

There's a small section devoted to Xbox Live Arcade in the latest issue of Konami's newsletter -- creatively titled, "Konami News". In the newsletter, Konami announces that both Contra and Gyruss are coming "soon."

The article contains some previously unreleased info on both games. Contra will feature updated graphics and sounds, online multiplayer (!), and leaderboards. But does it have "the code?!" That's all we want to know. Gyruss will feature updated graphics, new versus and co-op modes, and leaderboards.

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DC RID3R4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

not to much the last one on ps2(super contra spirits is my fave), but should KICK-ASS!!!!

i wonder whether co-op over live will be enabled??? that would be sik!!!

THWIP4467d ago

If they don't enable the cheat, they need to be shot for even bothering with this rehash. PERIOD.